Voices from the Void

VandV Podcast: Episode 60


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Voices from the Void

Arydanika and Hallan Turren

New Eden

Description: Hosts Arydanika and Hallan Turrek cover current happens in EVE Online.

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VandV Podcast: Episode 60

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Welcome to Episode 60 of Voices from the Void where we learn that I still don’t know crap about Eve Online.  Lucky for you (and for me) the human EFT app himself, Mr. Balance 101, CCP Fozzie, comes to visit.  He corrects all of my errors and schools me when it comes to proper internet spaceships.  The episode is jammed full of great content including the New Eden Open and Retribution.

In case you’ve been living in the wrong end of Querious, the New Eden Open is Eve Online’s first cash prize tournament with the purse generously given by Own3d.TV.  A host of developers have come together to make this first a success.  Fozzie gives us the inside scoop on the updated UI courtesy of Veritas and Arrow.  On the commentary booth there’s CCP Handsome, Soundwave, Dolan and Fozzie who are all familiar faces much to the surprise of some.  Of course we can’t forget the brave souls behind the camera including Bro and Foxfour.  Our discuss takes us through the bans, trends for The Open and reviews of some of the first days matches.

The second portion of the interview covers Retribution; Eve Online’s 18th free expansion and the expansion with the most ship balancing… ever.  Fozzie gives us a candid look at what it’s like to be the new dev on the island and what it’s like to be a player on the inside.  Forum feedback, the CSM and the dirty business of balance are all covered.  So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this drivel and get listening.

Music includes selections from the Eve Online Juke Box & Epic Wub Time MoP Wub Remix by TuXe.