Voices from the Void

VandV Podcast: Episode 59


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Voices from the Void

Arydanika and Hallan Turren

New Eden

Description: Hosts Arydanika and Hallan Turrek cover current happens in EVE Online.

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VandV Podcast: Episode 59

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This week’s guest is Wacktopia, the developer behind the new Eve Online tool Fleet-Up.com.  This small gang PvP enthusiast has created the FCs best friend of Eve Online Apps.  Fleet-Up.com is a comprehensive tool which allows corporations and alliances to create, maintain and pass on information about operations, fits, doctrines  to it’s members in one neat little on-line package.  It even comes with some useful reporting tools to help FCs get the most out of their fleet.

This episode is basically broken up in to two segments.  There’s the first segment where everything is going fine and the topics focus on the important things like security, ‘is this just a scam’ and what’s next in line for development.  The second segment is where Dani runs out of questions and the conversation just sprawls in to Retribution, Theories about the summer expansion and general good old fashioned spaceships.  In all, it’s a pretty fantastic episode.  Enjoy.





Music for this episode provided by the Eve Online Juke Box & “Opyo” by IDeck