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Description: Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. Mass For The Shut-out is an omni-denominational celebration of The Divine. The Sabbat School Class

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Mass For The Shut-Out: Tempest Smith Day, February 20, 2012

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February 20th is Tempest Smith Day, and she deserves a day to mark her short life. On February 20, 2001, Tempest Smith died as a result of the relentless bullying she received from her classmates. She was shy, she liked to wear black "Gothic" clothing and, she was studying and following Wicca...

February 20, 2010 - Mass For The Shut-Out In Honor of Tempest Smith

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Tempest Kayne Smith died on February 20, 2001. She had been the victim of religious harassment and bullying. It was after her diary was discovered that people learned the extent and severity of the bullying she was put through...

The Sabbat School Class, Lesson 8: Thinking about Tempest Smith Day coming

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Tempest Smith Day is February 20th.

Tempest Kayne Smith was intelligent and creative. She played the flute, wrote poetry, and sometimes showed an intelligence and sensitivity beyond that normally associated with someone her age. She died on February 20, 2001...

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