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Description: Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. Mass For The Shut-out is an omni-denominational celebration of The Divine. The Sabbat School Class

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Beltaine 2011! Mass For The Shut-Out May 1, 2011

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Here we are at Beltaine, and here we are at the Temple, and so, let's celebrate!

Beltaine is about many things, but they all add up to fulfillment. There was a god who died, and his funeral was Samhain. But, there was a child who was newborn at Yule. And we've seen him grow and go through the var...

Easter: The Divine's Spiritual Baseball Bat? - In A (very different) Pastor's Study, April 24, 2011

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As we come to the celebration of Beltaine, the Christians are having their Easter Sunday. The whole point of their faith hangs on the fact of Easter and the fact that their god's son, Yeshua Bar-Joseph, died and rose from the dead. It is an event which, as Pope Benedict XVI describes it, is not in...

May 1, 2010, 2010 - Mass For The Shut Out Celebrating Beltaine!

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Beltaine has a special meaning. The meaning is particularly special for those of us who have spent too much time in our lives hearing about "God's will", "God's time," or "God's higher plan."

Beltaine is not only the celebration but the actual fulfillment of the promise made at Samhain! Remember...

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