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Description: Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. Mass For The Shut-out is an omni-denominational celebration of The Divine. The Sabbat School Class

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Mass For The Shut-Out: Ostara 2012

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Ostara is a celebration of fulfillment! Not that all of the promises made at Samhain have been fulfilled, but a special assurance that they will be. The next celebration, after all, will be of The God/ The Lord coming of age. And this one, we celebrate the fact that he is advancing toward that...

Mass For The Shut-Out: Tempest Smith Day, February 20, 2012

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February 20th is Tempest Smith Day, and she deserves a day to mark her short life. On February 20, 2001, Tempest Smith died as a result of the relentless bullying she received from her classmates. She was shy, she liked to wear black "Gothic" clothing and, she was studying and following Wicca...

Thinking about Tempest Smith Day February 20th - In A (very different) Pastor's Study, February 12, 2012

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Tempest Smith Day is February 20th. Tempest Kayne Smith died on February 20, 2001. She was twelve years old. She was shy, she liked to wear black "Gothic" clothing and she was studying Wicca. Because of that, she was the subject of years of daily bullying in school until the time when she could...

Mass For The Shut-Out: Imbolc, February 2, 2012

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Imbolc in some places is a Sabbat greeted with a feeling of relief. We've had winter with us for a while, the brightness and merriness of Yule is in the past, and what's been left to many of us is simply cold and perhaps a bunch of snow, too! At Imbolc, we celebrate the first stirrings of spring,...

Mass For The Shut-Out: Yule December 21, 2011

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It's Yuletide, and here's our Yuletide celebration, in our special chapel where all join in, no matter where you are!

Yule is a special time, for so many reasons, not the least of which is its prominence in the Wheel Of The Year. After all, it is the first visible fulfillment of the promise made at...

Universal, Universalism And All Of Us - In A (very different) Pastor's Study, November 28, 2011

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The words "universal", "unity", and "universalism" get batted around a lot, as if they were something major and profound. And, of course, there are a number of people who use those words with the definition which they have come up with for themselves. How often have we heard someone speak of "unit...

Mass For The Shut-Out: Veterans' Day, November 11, 2011

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In the United States, November 11th is set aside as Veterans' Day, a day to honor those who have served in the armed forces of the United States. Most countries have such a celebration, and well they should. Personally, I honor all veterans, including those who would have once been my enemies...

Celebrating Samhain! Mass For The Shut-Out October 31, 2011

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It's Samhain! The wheel of the year has completed another cycle, and so here we are.

We are at the end, and we are at the beginning! This is, after all, the Celtic New Year. We can look back at all that we've accomplished this year, and look forward to what we want to accomplish in the new year j...

A Mabon Celebration! Mass For The Shut-Out September 24, 2011

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It's Mabon, and here we are in Mabontide ready for a celebration! Some call this the last harvest, Lammas being the first. Some call it the second of three with the final being Samhain. Either way, this is Mabon and we do celebrate the harvest at this time...

An Answer For So Many Issues - In A (very different) Pastor's Study, September 19, 2011

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"Non nobis Domine, non nobis sed nomine toa da Gloriam." And before anyone uses their pre-conceived notions to dismiss this, let it be known that virtually every spiritual path has someone (or a few someones) who might be addressed as "Lord" or "Lady" and unto whom people ascribe all honor, includi...

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