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March 21, 2010 - Ostara Celebration On Mass For The Shut Out


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Uriel's Gifts

Aidan Odinson

Collingdale, PA

Description: Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. Mass For The Shut-out is an omni-denominational celebration of The Divine. The Sabbat School Class

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March 21, 2010 - Ostara Celebration On Mass For The Shut Out

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Ostara is here! And it's about time!

If your winter was like it was here, I know you agree with me that this past winter is good to have in our past. And that makes this Ostara seem more than some others as being shedding winter's yoke.

And there is more! Every spiritual path has a story similar to the one the Norse have of the return of Baldur to lead the world after Odin's death.

Ostara is one sabbat in the wheel of the year. And if you were to map out the sabbats since last Samhain in terms of human rites of passsage, Yule would be the birth, Imbolc would be the Briss, and Ostara the Bar Mitzvah. And so now the young god is ready to begin his real learning and the work of his life.

And could this be a lesson for us?

You'll see - here.

Blessed Be!

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