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December 21, 2009: Mass For The Shut-Out - Celebrating Yule!


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Uriel's Gifts

Aidan Odinson

Collingdale, PA

Description: Videocasts of a special sort, including spiritual calisthenics for people who are willing to think. Mass For The Shut-out is an omni-denominational celebration of The Divine. The Sabbat School Class

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December 21, 2009: Mass For The Shut-Out - Celebrating Yule!

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It is time to celebrate Yule!

Yule is indeed just possibly the most primary and basic of all of the Sabbats, and almost every spiritual path has a celebration at the time of the Winter Solstice which has the basic theme of a new birth, and especially a divine birth. Even Hannukah can be seen that way, if you understand it as the re-opening and re-consecration of the Temple at Jerusalem after the exile in Babylon. In fact, there indeed is a re-birth after what some had thought was a death. And that's the original idea. Yule was when the sun stopped its rertreat away from us and began its return journey and with it the promise of another spring and summer.

And I see the birth at Yule as being Samhain's gift. It's much the same was as what a seed does in order to become a tree. And so, there is new life, and a new promise.
And that's what Yule is giving us. The beginning of the fulfillment of the promise made at Samhain.
Blessed Be!

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