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Episode 123: Bad Preppers


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In The Rabbit Hole

Description: Survival For a Modern Age

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Episode 123: Bad Preppers

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In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss being a bad prepper. Or more appropriately stated, the dangers of being a disorganized prepper.

Let’s face it: Organization isn’t sexy.

But being disorganized can be disastrous for a prepper. So today Jason reveals a recent revelation that explains why this can be your downfall. And Aaron and Jason discuss how to over come this.


And the link to the free copy of Owning Your Survival:

Join us as we discuss:
  • Limited time ITRH eBook giveaway announcement
  • Remaining Season 4 schedule and other important announcements.
  • Creating a preparedness inventory
  • Using calendars to keep track of your preps and their expiration dates.
  • How long do batteries last?
  • Find shortfalls in your preparations.
  • Developing a communications plan.
  • Survival skills planning
  • Survival gear planning and priorities
  • EDC Bags and Car Get Home Bags
Resources from this episode:
  • Enloop Rechargeable Batteries
  • Weatherman Wave MultiTool
  • Mophie Powerstation Phone Charger
  • Quiet Pro Headset
  • Prepper Spring Cleaning Episode

The post In The Rabbit Hole.

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