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E126: Surviving The Walking Dead


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In The Rabbit Hole

Description: Survival For a Modern Age

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E126: Surviving The Walking Dead

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( this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss survival lessons of The Walking Dead. Yes, after a fair amount of scheming and consoling, Aaron managed to get Jason to watch The Walking Dead. And now the two discuss the deeper points of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. What they uncover: The most important survival resource. So join us as we discuss: * Why Jason is now hooked. * Normalcy Bias. * Community. * Addressing the hard survival choices. * Lone-wolf survival. * Knives and their importance. * ...and a lot more.

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E125: Interview with author Lauren Wilson

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In this episode, hosts Aaron and Jonas interview Lauren Wilson author of The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse.

Can a cookbook save your life? The answer is no... usually. But author Lauren Wilson has something special for us: A cook book that could save your life, and tastebuds, after the...

Episode 124: Gear Reviews, Tips, and Tricks

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In this esisode hosts Aaron and Jason review a whole lot of survival, gun, and other great.

Yes! It's the annual gear geeking out episode. So we cover bags, guns, multitools, pants, and all kinds of other stuff. There's a little something for everyone...

Episode 123: Bad Preppers

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In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason discuss being a bad prepper. Or more appropriately stated, the dangers of being a disorganized prepper.

Let's face it: Organization isn't sexy.

But being disorganized can be disastrous for a prepper. So today Jason reveals a recent revelation that explains why t...

E122: Interview with Glen Tate

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In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason are joined by Author Glen Tate of the 299 Days series of books.

There are a lot of books on the market that depict apocalyptic senarios. Many depict the collapse of the United Staes. And many more contain bits and pieces of good prepper tips. But few do both wh...

E121: Urban Chicken Farming

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In this episode Aaron is joined by Jen of the Urban Chicken Podcast. She shares with us the pleasures of rubbing down chickens with silk scarves and all things urban chicken.

Topics Include:

* Growing up in the John Birch Society

* Geiger Counters

* The challenges of being an urban chicken farmer...

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