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Episode 30


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Uniformed Opinions

Uniformed Opinions

Description: Four current and former servicemen from two countries talking about issue relevant to today's military

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Episode 30

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This is Episode 30. I’m sorry.

So the guys planned an easy, funnier show. But since I’m not an active voice anymore, I do stuff like read the internet while they are talking. Well I clicked a link about Sequestration and it had video, so the audio played during the show. The 5 seconds that played were enough to drive the guys onto a 45 minute conversation about DOD budgeting … seriously, not the plan, my bad.

Quick break because of audio issues and they they talked about First World problems.

Intro – Mosh by Eminem

Break – I’m not Jesus by Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor

End song – Call to Arms by Manowar

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