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TWILT EP. 30 – Jason Clarke


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This Week In London Tweets

Stuart Clark and Sean Quigley

London, Canada

Description: This Week in London Tweets

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TWILT EP. 30 – Jason Clarke

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Trying something different, doing the post more like the show notes we use.It means I can get it the episode out quicker to you all. Comments are welcome.

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Our guest this week is

Going back all the way to public school, I was a natural leader. In grade 8 I was asked to be Stage Manager for a local theatre group, and continued to work with them for 5 more years during many different productions. My love for stage management grew in high school, as I managed four different productions. My largest achievement was our production of Music Man in 2002. This was the first musical theatre production to be held at our school in 40 years and it was a tremendous success.

My passion for theatre led me into film. Working with a friend from high school, we started working on film and video projects and  London Short Film Showcase which is an organization that is striving to make video and film a major content creator here in London. I have now come full circle with my newest job at Stratford Festival as a Web and Social Media Content Creator or more simply put, a videographer. I am thrilled to finally be able to combine my passion for film and my deep respect for the theatre into one exciting and ever changing career.


Reservoir Hill, and citizen engagement Budget process restarts. To translate, our Social and Community Support Services budget will save 8.9% due to changes to Ontario Works, but we are actually projecting to cut 12.4%, which equates to a true reduction of $1,100,000.  With the budget of this division primarily going towards the delivery of social assistance, one wonders what a one million dollar cut will mean?  And, like the cut to the affordable housing reserve fund (since reversed), will we go for 0% on the backs of the poorest in our community? City Treasure Budget Target Doc. RT @JoniBaechler: Treasurer:” $25.6 M in cuts needed to bring in a 0% tax increase”. #LdnOnt @newswriter22 A budget target of 3.5% on the London police would mean $1.2 M in cuts as the service proposed 4.9% target @joniBaechler Police forecast an increase in 2013 budget of 4.9%. @newswriter22 Getting to 0% in ’13 will require $17.6 M in cuts. The total impact of which, to reach the freeze, would be $25.6 M. @jaredzaifman Martin Hayward discussing serious fiscal constraints for #ldnont, pay now or pay later, either way we are going to have to pay @newswriter22 One time money fixes nothing RT @JaredZaifman: Orser asking in terms of #ldnont conv centre if staff has come back w/ info on sale of asset. @ginabarber Henderson suggests a 1% surtax on anyone doing business with the city to achieve a tax freeze. Room at the top - CITY HALL: Seven of the city’s top 11 administrators have left, taking with them decades of experience impossible to replace. Though age is a factor, pressure by city councillors to do more with less may be a factor, too Change camp Civility in online debates like twitter?  Is Twitter an online meeting place for all, or do we spend far too much time in ‘bubbles’ without engaging in discussion/debate with individuals who do not share our views?