This Week in London Tweets

TWILT EP. 19 – A Rose Amongst Thorns


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This Week in London Tweets

This Week in London Tweets

London, Canada

Description: This Week in London Tweets is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Quigley and Stuart Clark which focuses on issues that make twitter users in London tweet. Sean and Stuart have guests on the show, either in studio or via Skype, to talk about recent issues in

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TWILT EP. 19 – A Rose Amongst Thorns

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Welcome to This Week In London Tweets sponsored by Orpheum Clustered Web Hosting

You can find us on Twitter at twiltpodcast

We livestream at during the show usually Mondays at 7pm est.

Chat Log  from our Livestream that night.


Note: There is some naughty language during this podcast. 

This week we have two guests.

Our first guest is Christine Moss who is the Social Enterprise Program Manager at Pillar Nonprofit Network,

She also wears several other hats including Vice President: Board of Directors at Community Habitat of London and in the past as a Team Leader at Cheshire London and Marketing & Administrtion at YMCA of Western Ontario

Our second guest is Bill Deys who returns to us a second time. Bill runs a local family business here in London and is a member of the board of UnLondon.

We started talking about the latest developments from Storybook gardens where as part of plan approved by council 3 years ago some of the animals will be leaving for a better and more modern environment. Several on council wanted to look again at this discussion.

We talked to Christine about her role at Pillar and what Pillar does in the community. She summed it up in a very good quote.  ”What the chamber of commerce is for business Pilliar is the same for non profits”

Bill and Christine also talked about the challenges of non profit and charities and the public perception of both.

We moved on talking about the Mayors proposed levy not going forward, also we talked about the CETF and the apparent lack of support on council.  Phil Macleod had a good blog on the issue.

We then moved on to the EMD lockout and the recent rally held in Victoria Park.

Sean and Bill then got into both sides of this issue. :-)

We moved onto some of issues nonprofits are facing, we focused on the issue with the London Police Service to stop doing background checks for free and how block parent’s will have to pay for this service.

We then moved on to our second ‘debate’ on this issue of income disparity. Like the first debate, it’s best if you listen. :-)