Tower of Technobabble

Ghost Chewbacca - S02E42 Tower of Technobabble


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Tower of Technobabble

Dave Davis, Ben Schneider, Paul Moeller

Description: By Geeks. For Geeks

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Ghost Chewbacca - S02E42 Tower of Technobabble

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It's apparently Angry Day at the ol' Tower - from Towerbot's depressive spiral to the Conduit's anger at an (Austrian) national treasure. Pick an opinion and stick with it this week!

Show Notes:

Towbot's not in the Robot Hall of Fame...yet.: and

Italian Scientists get six years in prison for failing to predict an earthquake:

'Fearless' Felix Baumgartner turns out to be a bit of a ingrateful jerk; Mars is a waste of money:


Astronomer Allen Epling films strange cigar-shaped UFO type object in sky above Kentucky

1948 :

1955 Hopkinsville, Ky alien “attack” :

1993 Louisville, Ky alien “attack”:

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