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3illiards for iPad

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3illiards is a universal iOS application. Works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is a free version and a paid version.

If you enjoy shooting pool then you will really enjoy this application. The physics of the gameplay are amazing, it feels like you are really playing pool.

You have 3 different game types:

Snooker (honestly I have no idea what this is as I am not a die hard pool player).

You also have 3 different modes of play:
Pass N Play (2 players share the iPad)
vs. CPU

Additional features:
Change your game environment
Change the table cloth color

My only cons for 3illiards are no Game Center for achievements and no online play. If this game had online play to compete against others it would be a 5 star application, without online play it is still a 4 star game.

Augmented Reality Demo:


Developer Website
3R Studio