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My favorite apps of 2012


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Description: Total iPad - Tips and Reviews (video)

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My favorite apps of 2012

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Last night, Jennifer and I discussed our favorite applications for 2012. I picked 2 iOS applications both of which were iPad and she picked 2 android applications. The 2 iPad applications I picked were Photoshop Touch and vjay. I plan on doing a brief review of Photoshop Touch in the next couple of days as I feel it is easily the best photo/image editing application available on the iPad at the moment.

Christopher’s Applications:
Adobe Photoshop Touch – Adobe
vjay – algoriddim (iPad)
vjay for iPhone – algoriddim (iPhone)

Jennifer’s Applications:

This podcast was recorded for APPvice which is a podcast about nothing but applications. Check it out sometime. APPvice is not iOS only and we also discuss some of our favorite desktop applications as well.

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