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Clash of Clans – Strategies


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Clash of Clans – Strategies

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GTA: Vice City along the way.

This video is mostly about the strategies that I use when attacking opponents. My strategy may not work for you but you can always try and see if it helps any. Everyone has a different way of playing, attacking, setting up defenses, etc. These are just my tactics and what I have found the most success in doing.

One the offense side of things I always check for 2 things:

  1. Do they have barracks or workshops tucked in the corners of the map?
  2. Do they have any reinforcements in their clan castle?

If normally check for reinforcements first by placing either 1 goblin or 1 warrior close to the clan castle. If they have reinforcements then I will find a spot on the map which is away from all other defenses, normally a corner and I will set a couple of warriors there to draw the reinforcements away from the other defenses. Once I get them in the corner I will launch a few more warriors and archers to defeat the reinforcements. It is much easier to defeat the reinforcements away from the other defenses.

Once the reinforcements are defeated I will then focus on a point of attack on their walls. I will try to find the weakest spot or if I am farming I will look for a spot that I might be able to use wall breakers on so I can unleash my goblins.

My usual offense for farming gold and elixir:

  • 80-100: goblins
  • 10-20: archers
  • 10: warriors
  • 5-8: wallbreakers
  • 5-8: giants

That is my basic attack setup, also I only attack players that I know I can raid for all their lucky charms. Sometimes it takes me 10-15 tries before finding the perfect village to raid = lots of gold/elixir and a weak defense. It is always worth it in the long run.

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