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Christopher Rizzo - Total iPad

Description: Total iPad - Tips and Reviews (video)

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Figure by Propellerhead

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Figure is a universal iOS application that will run on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Figure is $0.99 in the iOS App Store and easily worth every penny for music lovers. Even if you are not a music lover then you should honestly download this app as it is really fun to play with.

I bought this App back in March I believe or sometime around then and when it first launched there was not much you could do with the app then. But, the developers have recently added the export to iTunes feature, you can now open your creations in a limited number of other applications, you can sync via Bluetooth with other iOS devices, and just last week the app was updated to support the iPhone 5 and the iPad. This is one of those apps that you show to people who say the iPad is a consumption only device. Let your creativeness shine through on your iPad.

Download Figure from the iOS App Store:

Figure for iPad

Figure for iPhone / iPod Touch


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