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Angry Birds Star Wars

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Today Bad Piggies who are on “The Dark Side”. If you are a fan of either Star Wars or Angry Birds then this is a must have game.

The price of Angry Birds varies depending on the platform you are purchasing it for:

iPhone/iPod Touch – $0.99
iPad – $2.99
Mac OS X – $4.99

Angry Birds Star Wars also features a couple of In-App purchases, you can opt for Jedi Training which will run you $1.99 or you can purchase the “Big Eagle” which is cleverly disguised as the Millennium Falcon. The Millennium Falcon can be used to finish a level if you find the level to be hard to defeat. The Millennium Falcon In-App purchases range from $1.99 – $19.99 depending how many you want to purchase. The $19.99 version will include some bonus “Millennium Falcon” that can be used during gameplay.

You can purchase Angry Birds Star Wars in the iOS or OS X App Store: