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Aerosphere Sleeve for iPad by Cygnett


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Aerosphere Sleeve for iPad by Cygnett

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Today I am reviewing an awesome iPad sleeve called the Aerosphere made by an Australian company named Cygnett. The Aerosphere is a unique iPad sleeve with rubbery bubbles on the outside and faux fur on the inside. With most sleeves you cannot use the iPad while it is in the sleeve, you do not have this problem with the Aerosphere. The Aerosphere features double zippers and will unzip allowing the sleeve to be folded open like a book exposing the iPad stored safely inside.

The outside of the case is a rubber foam material which is known as Cygnett website shows that they also offer different colors for this particular model. The interior of the case is lined with super-soft fleece material or as Cygnett refers to it “a silky soft layer of plush faux fur”.

The design of the Aerosphere is very unique and the bubbles not only look great but do a terrific job of protecting your iPad. The raised bubbles will protect your iPad from bumps to the case. I feel confident the bubbles with absorb most of the shock if it were to take a moderate blow. I love the fact that I can use this sleeve in what I like to refer to as ‘book mode,’ I can open the sleeve leaving the iPad intact and use my iPad. Also when I fold the front of the sleeve back it elevates the iPad a couple of inches and feels more comfortable to type on the soft keys of the iPad.

The iPad fits nicely into the sleeve but the elastic bands are not very tight around the iPad. This is not a huge downside but you will want to be extra careful with lifting the case with the iPad inside. The Aerosphere will easily fold in half and will allow you to use your iPad while it remains in the sleeve. When the iPad is sealed in the Aerosphere it does not add much weight to the actual iPad. Nor does it add much bulk, it is about the height of 2 iPad’s stacked on top of each other.

  • You can use the iPad while it is in the sleeve
  • The bubbles on the outside will protect the iPad
  • Sleeve fully unzips
  • The elastic bands are not strong
Final Thoughts

This is a really nice iPad sleeve and I love the look of the bubbles. It is a well made iPad sleeve and I would have no problem recommending it to anyone. The retail price of the Aerosphere is only $24.99 and easily worth every penny to protect your iPad while it looks good in the process.

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