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Episode 23 – Rage of Rizzo


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Christopher Rizzo - Total iPad

Description: Total iPad - Tips and Reviews (video)

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Episode 23 – Rage of Rizzo

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This week on Total iPad we discuss the iPad ‘Air’ or ‘mini’ again.. Are NFL stadiums iPad ready? Christopher goes off the chain on problems with FaceTime and Messages and the lack of tools to block spammers and callers from the services. There are a few things you can do to stop people from contacting you via FaceTime or Messages but we feel Apple needs to give us better tools to manage who can contact us via FaceTime and Messages. We also have some news about apps getting updated, our App picks of the week and our weekly tips.

Show Links:

  • Thinking This iPad Mini Thing Even Througher
  • NFL Teams embracing the iPad, but not the stadiums
  • Messages and FaceTime problems with blocking numbers from calling you


  •  IM+ Updated
  • Unfed Undead – iPad app is coming very soon

App pick:

  • Haiku Deck (download)
  • Haiku Deck Review

Tip of the week:

  • Teach your iPad autocorrect
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