TORWars Podcast #128: Can’t Fix Stupid – Makeb The “Gay Planet”


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Description: Tapped by Yoda, Your Mom Was

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TORWars Podcast #128: Can’t Fix Stupid – Makeb The “Gay Planet”

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Welcome to podcast #128 where we talk about all the latest ramblings centered around Star Wars: The Old Republic and beware, there is some pretty “blue” humor in this episode. We’re happy you decided to join us today.  If you’re new to the podcast, welcome.  If you’ve been around these parts before, make sure to grab a shovel and help us clean up some of the dewback poop that accumulates.  Oh, and there’s some wookies that need shaving in the corner over there.

Here’s a list of all the fun things we talk about in today’s episode and we hope you enjoy!


Whatever you do, don’t inhale


  • ● New Video Guide Up:  TORWars Video Guide: Kanz Minefield and New Cov Asteroid Field – Heroic Space
  • ● Wall of Guilds – latest is up, if you’re looking for a guild, or for a place to recruit.
  • ● Main discussion topic:
    • ● Makeb – The “Gay Planet”
      • ● Origin of this idiocy.
      • ● Some more idiocy.
      • ● Oh wait, even more idiocy.
      • ● Dunno what’s going on with these guys, but WTF? (I’m ashamed, they should know better)

Shout Outs:

  • ● – Thanks for the Guild/Mumble hosting for the TORWars guild!
  • ● SWTOR Spy
  • ● Corellian Run Radio
  • ● Thanks to Liselotte (otherwise known as WowDane) and Dave Sageser for donating to the site, and helping to defray our server costs
  • ● New Writers Ace and Jean
  • ● – Shadowlands – Imperial Side

We hope you like the show.  Please give us your feedback in the comments section below.  Thanks for listening and may the Force be with you… your pants.

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