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TORWars Podcast #119: Big BioWare Fun Coming In The Near Future


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TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

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TORWars Podcast #119: Big BioWare Fun Coming In The Near Future

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Episode 119 is looking to be one of the more interesting episodes full of our weird humor that only those with strong stomachs would understand.  It’s not that we’re crass or blue, just completely crazy and out of our minds.  Thank you for all of your questions for Jeff Hickman, we look forward to that interview and we know that you are too.

Dear Darth Vader, Please don’t spoil Life Day for us. Kthxbai. Love, Chewbacca, Mallatobuck, Attichitcuk, and Lumpawarrump

As usual, we have to do a shoutout to our guildies in the TORWars Guild.  The guild is growing stronger every day.  If you would like to join, please read our to fill out an application.

The countdown to the one year anniversary continues, please look out for a very cool interview this week in regards to PvP.  Also, many thanks to all of our listeners in 55 countries!

A ton of BioWare things happened over the last week, particularly the LiveStream event and we talk all about it.  Here’s our show notes for your perusal.


- Cartel Coin Cards Purchasable at Best Buy/Gamestop

- Different Denominations of Coins with exclusive pets depending on the retailer

  • ● BestBuy: Arctic Manka Lynx – Renowned for its speed and grace, this Arctic Manka Lynx will loyally follow you on your adventures across the galaxy.

  • ● GameStop: Lobelode – The Lobelode is hardy and persistent, at home in even the most dangerous and exotic environments you could visit.

  • ● From Eric Musco

The information about cartel coins, exclusive pets, and retailers was unfortunately posted to the site in error. None of that information is actually confirmed yet. As soon as we have our details confirmed with retailers we will definitely make an announcement about it and I will be sure to let you know immediately.

- Community Livestream Recap!

Joveth hosted a QA with Jeff Hickman and Damion Schubert

  • ● “Every conceivable metric” regarding F2P is showing increases.  ”All our numbers are on the rise, the number of free to play members we are getting in is staggering.” The devs seem to be very excited about data coming from F2P.

  • ● BioWare is going to continue to “massage” F2P restrictions

  • ● Announcement: Preferred Players will soon have access to six character slots, and F2P/Preferred Players will be able to purchase additional slots in a future patch.

  • ● Initial F2P build had free accounts unable to utilize the space bar in cut scenes.

  • ● Jeff Hickman says “lots of interesting things coming” to PvP

  • ● Ilum relaunch was discussed and estimated to be coming around February/March.  It will be a “minor reboot” of the planet, including PvP and PvE.  Expect new PvP mechanics since the old ones were stated to “not work at all”.

  • ● Makeb patch to include a “slight restructuring” of gear itemization to assist in keeping stat inflation in check.

  • ● BioWare has plans in the future to adjust Warzone queues based on a players gear level, however they believe the best way to help with the PvP gear gap is to continue to give entry level players better starting gear.

  • ● Initial play-through of the Makeb Imperial storyline was completed this week.  It is now at a point where they are doing final internal testing and tweaking

  • ● Jeff Hickman states that more information on Makeb is coming “Pretty darn soon.”

  • ● In regards to bugs getting worse, Jeff and Damion state that bugs are actually getting better, the problem is that the bugs being found are big and affect players in the biggest way.  That gives us the sense that the game is buggier than it actually is.

  • ● The “Secret Space Project”  is still going strong – Jeff and Damion did a play-test on the internal prototype “together” and say it is a “major departure” from the current space game iteration. It is “very far in the future” and don’t expect any information on it soon.

  • ● BioWare plans to update the Cartel Market on a weekly basis.

  • ● Announcement: There will be new cartel packs every month for the next “few months” each with new super rare items.

  • ● Announcement: Life Day packs confirmed including Life Day Robe, Life Day Orb, Tinsel bomb and other items including a Czerka mount that is “red, festive and super amazing”.

  • ● BioWare is looking at bringing “core and iconic” gear sets to the Cartel Market.  They say that the mod system allows them to put up awesome gear without having people pay to win.

  • ● Items mentioned at the guild summit (such as guild ships, ready check, guild calendar, etc) are still in the plan, however some have been placed on the back burner due to focus on F2P conversion.

  • ● Guild Capital Ships is still a pet project of Damion Schubert and is mentioned to Jeff on a weekly basis.

  • ● Character Copies are coming to PTS before Makeb patch.

  • ● Makeb Patch to bring minigame-esque mechanics, not card games but some new cool ways of playing.

  • ● Collectors Edition/VIP Vendor update discussions have been internally tabled until January.

  • ● BioWare is proud of their work sticking to the 6-8 week content cycle.  After 1.6, the next cycle will be 7-9 weeks due to the Holidays.

Shout Outs: – Thanks for the Guild/Mumble hosting for the TORWars guild!


Corellian Run Radio – Shadowlands – Imperial Side

That’s all for now TORWarriors!  Tune in later this week as we have a special BioWare guest on the show to talk about all that is PvP.  Cheers to you and don’t let your taun fawn back talk too much, he’ll lose respect for you.

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