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TORWars Podcast #115: Launches, Cantinas, Interviews & Guilds, Oh Myyyyy!


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TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

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TORWars Podcast #115: Launches, Cantinas, Interviews & Guilds, Oh Myyyyy!

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Hello TORWarriors!  We know you’ve been waiting oh so patiently for this new episode of the TORWars podcast and #115 promises to deliver.  Okay, it’s not full of all the blue humor we usually have, but this week was all about something else….STUFF!  That’s right, stuff.  Lots of things happened this week in the world of SWTOR and TORWars and we are here to tell you all about it.

You know, the holidays are fast approaching, and I’m feeling festive, so I thought I’d include this little screen grab featuring the one and only Bea Arthur from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Ah, good times….


Without further ado, here’s the list:


Game Update 1.5/Free To Play Has Launched

  • - 12 Hour Downtime on Tuesday
  • - Emergency Maintenance Wednesday morning
  • - Some bugs, but fairly stable
  • - Cartel Coin pack costs have been finalized
  • - Our impressions in detail will be on the 2nd show this week

Austin Community Cantina

  • - Free food, drinks, door prizes, meet and greet
  • - Dallas Dickenson shows his face again!
  • - QA With Developers – no big reveals or information

Dulfy Interview with Damion Schubert

Interesting bits:

  • - They see the biggest selling point of F2P is the amount of free content you get
  • - Cathar will not be free for subscribers
  • - Sounds like CE/VIP vendors will not get much love as most of those items will now go to Cartel Market
  • - Server transfers are coming, but not timeline
  • - When asked about the idea of armor dyes “No comment. Oh, how I would love to. But I can’t. Yet.”
  • - On AC change – “I think that one will likely happen eventually. Species is likely as well.”
  • - Planning on bringing some of the “old events” back again next year in addition to new ones.
  • - When asked about how players will be able to buy “future expansions” for SWTOR – “We are still identifying the exact specifics of this, but should have an answer for this very, very soon.”

● HK-51 Guide at

TORWars Guild is LIVE!

Visit the guild site at right here, no need to fill out an application to join, just log onto the Shadowlands server (Imperial side of course), search for TORWars and someone will invite you into the guild.

Shout Outs:

  • – Thanks for the Guild/Mumble hosting for the TORWars guild!
  • – Shadowlands – Imperial Side

As always, we like to hear what you think!  Leave your comments, thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

Oh and a gentle reminder for those that may not be listening to the show, but enjoying these show notes.  We have scrummed up an exclusive interview with the all-powerful and awesome Jeff Hickman and we would like your questions.  Leave those in the comments section below where we will gather them up like Sithy little bees after scrumptious honey.  Please take note, only ask questions that can be answered and not dodged.  We give two wonderful examples of theses kinds of questions that will not be passed to Mr. Hickman in the show so LISTEN!

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