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TORWars Podcast #113: TORWars Guild Finds A Home, Cartel Coins & HK-51


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TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

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TORWars Podcast #113: TORWars Guild Finds A Home, Cartel Coins & HK-51

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Hello TORWarriors and welcome to today.  Once again, we present to you our one hundred and thirteenth podcast. As usual it’s filled with all the great stuff great podcasts should be filled with.  Of course we mean fart jokes and laughter, which abound aplenty this week.

“Uhhuh, you know want a piece of this kind of sexy. I’m so hot, I’m sizzling.”

Here’s a run down of what you get:


November 15th is the launch of Free-To-Play (F2P) for our beloved Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • ~ BioWare confirms that beginning real-world dollar amount for Cartel Coins will start at $4.99 for 450 coins and goes up to $39.99 for 5500 coins with multiple coin pack choice in between.
  • ~ Players on the three month or six month plans will receive more, however specifics are still vague.
  • ~ Former subscribers coming back to SWTOR for the F2P launch now have until December 20th to subscribe to obtain Preferred Status.
  • ~ Those former subscribers will automatically receive the “preferred” status which is in between F2P and Subscriber.
  • ~ BioWare plans to update the Cartel Shop on a monthly basis with new items for purchase.
  • ~ Players will be able to purchase additional character slots with Cartel Coins shortly after F2P launches
  • ~ Other new service such as character renames and appearance changes are being looked into for the shop, however, there is no ETA on when or if these services will arrive.

A new Developer Dispatch went live this week.  Bruce Maclean, Senior Development Director, and Matt Pucevich, Associate Designer, join forces to offer more insight into the exciting new content coming soon in Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated.

  • ~ New section X area on Belsavis full of some fun stuff including the crash of the Fatality and the hunt for HK-51
  • ~ Dreadtooth
  • ~ Denova Nightmare Mode
  • ~ New Tank Mounts
  • ~ and the rest of the Dread Guard Gear

The New TORWars Guild

  • ~ The Poll story  – a close running between Jedi Covenant and The Shadowlands servers complete with its share of shenanigans.
  • ~ We announce the winner! Hint hint, it’s The Shadowlands.
  • ~ What Detective Deirdre found in the poll logs that made the team laugh, especially the 167 votes for Jedi Covenant from an enterprising young Sith.
  • ~ An all call for guild name submissions!  We need one and you can help us pick one.  There WILL BE NO POLL for the new name. Just throw what you have swimming through your mischievous little brains and put them in the comments section of this post here, or you can leave your ideas in the comments section below. We will have our guild name by tomorrow night and we will post it here and via twitter, so be paying attention.

Shout Outs:

  • ~
  • ~ Corellian Run Radio
  • ~ SWTOR Spy
  • ~ If you happen to be looking for a guild or you would like your guild featured on TORWars, please contact us directly via staff [at] torwars [dot] com, attention Alice.
  • ~ Special thanks goes out to Darrin Thompson for his wonderful iTunes review, so, thanks!

Thank you all for listening.  Please feel free to leave your ideas and suggestions for this and future shows in the comments section below. Keep coming back as we update our whereabouts. You can get these updates via twitter by following @TORwars.  Cheers!

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