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TORWars Podcast #112: The Mouse Takes On The Force


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TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

TORWars - SWTOR News & Podcast!

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TORWars Podcast #112: The Mouse Takes On The Force

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Hello TORWarriors and welcome to yet another fine example of podcasting greatness, also known as, episode 112. This week we give our opinions about the big things that happened since the last cast.

The Force is with the mouse…..

Here’s the show notes for your reading pleasure:


  • ~ TORWars Guild Poll – TORWars is starting a guild and ALL are welcome.  If you haven’t voted, you have until November 10th, so hit this link now and do so. Currently the server race is between The Shadowlands who took a wide lead with 111 votes, but Jedi Covenant is quickly catching up with 100 votes in their favor.


  • ~ Lucasfilm sold to Disney for 4 Billion Dollars
    • ~ Lucas Sole Shareholder, Donating it to education
    • ~ Company will be independent entity like Pixar and Marvel, Kathleen Kennedy run it
    • ~ All entities affiliated with Lucasfilm included, Skywalker Sound, ILM, LucasArts, etc
    • ~ Episode 7 scheduled to be released 2015, 8 in 2017, episode 9 in 2019, additional movies every 2-3 years after that
    • ~ Clone Wars most likely to move to Disney XD
    • ~ Lucas met with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer earlier this year about episode 7
    • ~ Star Wars gaming to focus on social/mobile going forward
    • ~ 3rd party relationships will be “reevaluated” but existing projects (like 1313 and SWTOR) remain unaffected.
  • ~ EA Q2 2013 Earnings Call
    • ~ Subscriptions “stable”
    • ~ F2P coming november, update on a future call
    • ~ Focusing on releasing new game content

Shout Outs

  • – For all of your guild hosting needs! Mention and you’ll get a slew of freebies.
  • Corellian Run Radio- Home of our sister podcast and another place you can hear Darth Sunshine.

We hope you like the show and welcome your thoughts.  You know where to put them, but as a reminder, they go below. ;)

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