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Business Owner's Toolkit (Toolkit)

Description: Business Owner's Toolkit is a fast-paced, entertaining, one-hour radio program that provides advice and inspiration to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Toolkit 11-13-13 - Helping Vets Become Business Owners

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Isisara Bey of Count Me In tells us about a new effort to help female veterans transition from the military to running their own businesses. Bey explains how the Women Veteran Entrepreneur Corps helps prepare women for the private sector, how starting a business is different for men and women and w...

Toolkit 09-25-12 - Passionate Pursuit

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Miami Heat Vice President Eve Wright Taylor tells us about her rise in the business world and her entrepreneurial side venture. She also details her work encouraging female business owners on the value of passion for their work, taking days off for their own good and how to work well with other wom...

Toolkit 09-18-12 - Finding Your Business Voice

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Speechworks Vice President Marilyn Ringo explains why women face a tough communications double standard in the business world. Ringo is a former CNN Headline News anchor and says organizing your message well, bringing the right emount of energy and handling question and answer sessions will make a...

Toolkit 08-14-12 - Natalie MacNeil Takes on the World

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Natalie MacNeil of and describes her own impressive entrepreneurial journey. She also provides great insight on what it takes to get a business off the ground and thriving, and she details her passion for helping other women realize their business dreams...

Toolkit 07-31-12 - Make Mine A Million

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'Count Me In' Founder Nell Merlino tells Greg Corombos about the upcoming "Make Mine A Million" conference for female entrepreneurs. Merlino details what separates the truly successful female entrepreneurs from the rest of the pack, and she explains what skills and advice entrpreneurs will gain fro...

Toolkit 03-01-11 - The Growth Strategist

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Greg Corombos discusses the keys to growing a successful small business with growth strategist Aldonna Ambler. Ambler explains how she broke through the glass ceiling of business consultants, how to tell if entrepreneurship is right for you and how to make the most critical decisions for your busin...

Toolkit 11-16-10 - Make Mine A Million

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Greg Corombos and Count Me In founder Nell Merlino discuss the challenges and opportunities for female entrepreneurs and why there are more female entrepreneurs, even though men run the majority of million-dollar businesses. Merlino also explains why financing and personnel are areas worth your clo...

Toolkit 08-24-10 - Cultivating Confidence and Persistence

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Greg Corombos and Empower Me CEO Adrienne Graham discuss common mistakes small business owners make when trying to weather a rough economy, the greatest hurdle facing female entrepreneurs and the common qualities of successful business leaders. In our Top Takeaway for Your Small Business, John Duob...

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