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Description: Business Owner's Toolkit is a fast-paced, entertaining, one-hour radio program that provides advice and inspiration to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Toolkit 1-14-14 - Do It! Marketing

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Do It! Marketing author David Newman says business owners need to realize that marketing and sales must be their top priorities. Newman also discusses the keys to effective marketing, the right and wrong ways to use social media and how to determine whether franchising might be right for you. In ou...

Toolkit 08-28-13 - Is Social Media Killing Your Business?

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Barry Moltz, author of the Your Business Unstuck blog, reveals how the potential of social media to boost your business can turn into a major hindrance. Moltz explains how to connect with others effectively and why just trying to sell your product or service is a sure-fire loser. He also tells us...

Toolkit 05-01-12 - Organic Bouquet

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Greg Corombos learns how to merge good business principles with social responsibility as he visits with Robert McLaughlin, founder and CEO of Organic Bouquet. McLaughlin explains how he rose from the greenhouses to the CEO's chair and why he decided to create a niche by only using flowers grown by...

Toolkit 12-06-11 - 30 Days to Marketing Success

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Greg Corombos discusses the keys to effective online marketing and social media with Gail Martin, author of 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success. Martin explains why 30 days makes sense as a goal and how joining an online conversation is far more effective than trying to start one. She also...

Toolkit 07-06-11 - Social Media Marketing Success

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Greg Corombos and online marketing expert Amy Porterfield discuss the keys to building the profile of your small business through social media marketing. Porterfield explains the three phases needed to establish a social media marketing presence and how to find the people you want to reach. She al...

Toolkit 05-03-11 - Mastering Social Media Marketing

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Greg Corombos and Albert Maruggi of Provident Partners and The Marketing Edge podcast discuss how to market effectively through social media while still being engaging. Maruggi also details how some firms are taking their social promotions to the next level. In our "Top Takeaway for Your Small Bus...

Toolkit 04-19-11 - 30-Minute Social Media Marketing

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Greg Corombos discusses the keys to successful social media use by small businesses, as he visits with Susan Gunelius, author of 30-Minute Social Media Marketing. Gunelius gives great insight on how to establish quality relationships and why your strategy for building contacts should be the same me...

Toolkit 08-31-10 - Social Media Networking

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Greg Corombos and Social Media Today CEO Robin Carey discuss why every small business owner should jump aboard the social media movement and why online networking with customers, potential clients and even competitors can be a huge help to your business. In addition, John Duoba explains the value o...

Toolkit 08-10-10 - Growing Your Business Through Twitter

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Greg Corombos and "Twooting" podcast host Bo Bennett discuss the power of Twitter to grow and promote your small business. They explain how to use Twitter effectively and what type of time commitment you'll need for your social media efforts. In addition, John Duoba highlights the elements of an e...

Toolkit 05-11-10

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Greg Corombos is joined by "Be the Media" author David Mathison to discuss how to usethe internet and social networking most effectively to boost sales and marketing for your small business. In addition, John Duoba explains the most critical factor in your professional success or failure in our Top...

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