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Toolkit 03-12-14 - The Seven Deadly Communications Sins


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Business Owner's Toolkit (Toolkit)

Description: Business Owner's Toolkit is a fast-paced, entertaining, one-hour radio program that provides advice and inspiration to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Toolkit 03-12-14 - The Seven Deadly Communications Sins

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Communications expert Skip Weisman explains the biggest mistakes business leaders and employees make in their daily interaction. From lack of specificity to discouraging feedback and from procrastination to not giving your full attention to the person speaking, Weisman tells us how damaging these habits can be and how they can be corrected. In our "Top Takeaway for Your Small Business," John Duoba offers more tips on managing cash flow.

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Toolkit 03-05-14 -The ABC's of Rebranding

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Miller ingenuity CEO Steve Blue walks us through the tricky process of rebranding and explains how to update the name and image of your business without erasing its identity. In our "Top Takeaway for Your Small Business," John Duoba offers tips on how to maintain a healthy cash flow for your busine...

Toolkit 02-25-14 - Ditch the Pitch

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Ditch the Pitch author Steve Yastrow tells us why listening carefully to a potential or existing customer and engaging in a spontaneous conversation with them is far more productive than a rehearsed pitch. Yastrow offers tips on how to make conversations about clients instead of you and he discusse...

Toolkit 02-18-14 - A SEAL in the Shark Tank

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Retired Navy SEAL and FitDeck founder Phil Black tells the story of how he turned a series of college bets into a detailed fitness program. Black also describes his visit to ABC's Shark Tank and explains why he left without a deal. In our "Top Takeaway for Your Small Business," John Duoba walks us...

Toolkit 02-11-14 - 8 Unbreakable Rules for Start-Up Success

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Sean Castrina, author of 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Start-Up Success, offers terrific tips on how to get a successful business started at very little cost. Castrina tells us why service businesses can be very profitable and low-risk and what pitfalls we should avoid when starting any business...

Toolkit 02-04-14 - People Tools

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People Tools author Alan C. Fox explains how your business can benefit from better communication, from listening to your employee or client without focusing on what you'll say next to determining whether "yes" means yes, no or maybe. Fox also tells us how focusing on the belt buckle is the best way...

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