Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/28/14 The Weak Obama Doctrine and Boycotting MSNBC is Meaningless


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Description: The official podcast of the late night culture/comedy/political hybrid Tony Katz Tonight

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/28/14 The Weak Obama Doctrine and Boycotting MSNBC is Meaningless

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President Obama's speech to graduating West Point cadets was not only uninspired, but it showed the dangerous implications of his world view versus the real world. Tony discusses where the President's anti-leadership doctrine constantly misses the mark, and why it matters. Plus, groups want to actively boycott MSNBC over remarks The Cycle host Toure made regarding Holocaust survivors. As Tony discusses, Toure is an awful person, but you can't boycott something that no one watches anyway. Listen, Share and Enjoy!

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/27/14 – Guest Hosts Seton Motley and Cameron Gray

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Tony is on assignment, so Seton Motley and Cameron Gray fill in.

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Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/26/14 – Santa Barbara Shooting and Guest Kurt Schlichter

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Happy Memorial Day!

The shooting in Santa Barbara has been the talk across the nation. But it was more than a shooting; three were stabbed, others run over and truly disturbed kid's sick manifesto has emerged. Yet, this hasn't stopped Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts and the NRA haters from spewing...

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/23/14 – James O’Keefe and Ready for the 500

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Tony talks to James O'Keefe of Project Veritas about his latest video that exposes the hypocrisy of so-called environmentalists in Hollywood. O'Keefe's video has men posing as oil sheiks convincing Ed Begley Jr., Mariel Hemmingway and pro-green documentary film makers to take their money to make ant...

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/22/14 – Anti-Gun Is Anti-Protection

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The group Moms Demand Action, headed up by Shannon Watts, is thrilled that Chipotle has told its customers not to bring guns into their stores. Moms Demand says they are about common sense gun reforms. But, as Tony explains, with this new development, it's clear that Moms Demand is not only anti-gun...

Tony Katz Tonight Radio – 5/21/14 – Obama’s VA “Outrage” and a Second Look at CNN

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President Obama says he's outraged by the VA scandal that has left scores dead due to secret waiting lists and intimidation of VA personnel. The real outrage should be that he learned of yet another scandal in his administration from watching TV. Tony discusses the problem with his outrage...

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