Thriller Thursday

TT13 Thriller Thursday News for January 10, 2013


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Thriller Thursday

Larry D. Thompson, Vicki Thompson, Dave Dufour

Houston, TX

Description: Thrillers authors talk about their books, their work and their lives with writer Larry D. Thompson.

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TT13 Thriller Thursday News for January 10, 2013

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New thrillers by Dave Barry and James Pemberton, plus organized crime, and an online book tour.

After a holiday break, Vicki is back with more book news and some interesting articles from the thrillersphere.

  • Partners In Crime Tours —  virtual book tours – Larry Thompson is participating in this virtual book tour group that offers blog exposure for authors and exciting content for book blog readers.
  • Cobra Breaking by James Pemberton – A James Bond-esque thriller now available as an e-book.
  • Insane City – The Miami Herald humorist has a new fun read that combines some humor with the thriller genre, which as Vicki says, is something of a trend these days.

  • Interview with FBI Agent Michael Plichta – Great backgrounder on the current state of organized crime.
  • Other Worlds in Everyday Life — Jeff Carlson – In this guest blog at Reader’s Entertainment, Jeff talks about his novel, Frozen Sky, and where his ideas come from.

Milt Rosenberg’s WGN Radio Show, Extension 720, ended on December 20, unbeknownst to us when we mentioned it in the podcast.  The podcast itself is not available via iTunes, but is still showing up at  Here’s a direct link to a great conversation about organized crime in Chicago: Extension 720 – Organized Crime Episode

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