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This Week in Lotus 113 - IBM Connect After Dark


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This Week in Lotus

Collaboration Matters

Description: The weekly roundtable discussion of all things Social, Collaboration, Technology and Community...

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This Week in Lotus 113 - IBM Connect After Dark

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Recorded during the early hours of 31st January 2014, live from the Dolphin Lobby at IBM Connect.  Darren and I meet with Mat Newman, Mitch Cohen, Colleen Burns, Andreas Ponte, Bill Buchan and many others to discuss the conference, the agenda, the keynotes, the social events and much more....

This isn't a return of TWiL (or even 'This Week in IBM Collaboration Solutions'), just a one-off as we loved getting together again in Orlando.  It's definitely an informal kinda' show, but we hope you really enjoy listening to us once again!

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The scene (courtesy of Roger Lim): IBM Connect after hours round table

Hosts:  Stuart McIntyre (Flex!

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This Week in Lotus 111 - User Groups Unplugged

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Recorded on 23rd January 2013. We meet with Sam Sawatzky, Julia Weisman, Sarah Cenedella, Stephen ives and Joyce David to discuss Connect 2013 plans, the new Connections and XPages-based User Group community site, the latest updates to TeamStudio's Unplugged product and much more!...

This Week in Lotus 110 - Pardon the Interruption!

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Recorded on 16th January 2013. We meet with Louis Richardson, Mitch Cohen, Colleen Burns and Joyce Davis to discuss Connect 2013 - the sessions, the social, the buzz, the online communities and much more!...

This Week in Lotus 109 - Looking forward to Connect 2013

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Recorded on 7th January 2013. We meet with Mat Newman, Per Lausten and Bill Malchisky to discuss Connect 2013 sessions, announcements, tips, social events and hidden treasures, the recent openNTF contest, the Notes/Domino 9 beta and new features in Kudos Badges. All that and more on This week in Lo...

This Week in Lotus 108 - Champions of the Connect-o-Sphere

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Recorded on 18th December 2012. New IBM Champion (and This Week in Lotus producer) Alan Hamilton joins us to discuss the new IBM Champions for 2013, the upcoming Connect conference, Social Connections IV and the changes to IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business...

This Week in Lotus 107 - ’The one that almost got away’

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Recorded on 8th November 2012. We are joined by Handly Cameron and Sharon Bellamy to discuss Connect 2013, the launch of Connections 4.0, Social Connections IV and more...

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