This Podcast Contains Spoilers

This Podcast Contains Spoilers

Evan Killham

Description: Evan Killham and a guest take one piece of media and ruin it for everyone.

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TPCS: Insidious

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Evan and The Duck of Death Podcast's Jade Kraus discuss James Wan and Leigh Whannell's Insidious. Topics include horror logic, happy-ending allergies, and fog.

Lots of fog...

TPCS: Silent Hill 2

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Brian Taylor joins Evan to discuss Silent Hill 2 reasonably close to its 10th birthday and well in time for its HD re-release. They talk about video game maps, deep psychological problems, that puckish Shiba Inu, and more...

TPCS: Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

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Evan and James DeRosa discuss ten stories from James Tiptree, Jr.'s collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. It takes a while...

TPCS: Digital (A Love Story)

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Evan and Bitmob Editor/Sophist Radio co-host James DeRosa discuss Christine Love's downloadable mystery romance Digital: A Love Story. They also read listener e-mails, get into the finer points of video game narrative, and make some really awful puns. Actually, Evan makes all t...

TPCS: Time Travel in Media

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In a slight break from normality, Evan and Bitmob Editor/Sophist Radio co-host James DeRosa join forces to talk about time travel in media. They cover so much ground it's not even funny. But then they talk some shit about time travel movies they hate, and that's kind of funny...

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