ThinkingOutLoud 13: Deal or No Deal?


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ThinkingOutLoud 13: Deal or No Deal?

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Elisabeth and Merianna discuss the review culture, especially the influence of trolls. They also talk about the difference between self-publishing, dual-endeavor publishing, and traditional publishing. Trolls are all around us in the world of publishing, but the question is always, “Deal or No Deal?” Ask someone before you sign!

Show Notes

The Bullies of Goodreads

5 Ways for Authors to Handle Bad Reviews

What is an Internet Troll?



Michael Jackson Fairyland World

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ThinkingOutLoud 12: Facing Rejection

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Elisabeth and Merianna talk about personality types and how they impact work flow. They also console each other over the news that Dr. McConnell will not be able to be on their show. They talk about how rejection is a part of the process of a writer.

Show Notes: 

Are you Type A?...

ThinkingOutLoud 11: Diamond in the Rough

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ThinkingOutLoud 10: Branching Out

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Merianna and Elisabeth talk about the influence of the Kindle store on publishing and how to decide whether to print or publish in the digital role. They also talk about their runs in with libraries and library fines. After they covered that, they talk to Sam Harrelson about his book and how our cul...

ThinkingOutLoud 9: A Little Bit Ahead of the Curve

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Elisabeth and Merianna talk about Elisabeth's venture into the world of Goodreads and Pinterest. They also talk about likable and unlikable characters, and how readers react to those characters. Along the way, they meander and talk about some new trailers from books they love and whether they will s...

ThinkingOutLoud 8: Reading Out of Writer’s Block

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Elisabeth and Merianna talk about how reading in a genre can help authors get out of writer's block. They also discuss that as an author, you have to be careful about reading too much in the genre so that you don't sound too much like another writer. After which, they try to name their top three boo...

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