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Episode 14 ( Cospiracy Special)

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Welcome back! We have A conspiracy segment by Mr. gates From the Series of " Jupiturn" Robyn talks about what happened at chick-fil-A and David and I talk about a lil bit about mw3 and some other stuff that happened during the week

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Episode 8

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Welcome back. We talk about trolls and have funny trolling audio for you to listen to. Me and David talk about MW3 some more and other random shit

Vic has a funny convo on mumble and Robyn talks about an Article. LISTEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Episode 7

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Welcome back Ladies and gents. Buster talks about the new next gen from sony

Robyn talks about a picture we found onĀ  tumblr Vic talks about some random shit

and More Game comp with David



Jay Z featuring Kanye- Gotta Have It

Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Goes Without Saying...

Episode 6 (Hour special)

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Welcome back my friends. We have interview with Absent Image today

David and I do some live MW3 gaming and giving out tips.

Vic and Robyn talk about some randoms news.

It's a long show today so pop on down to 7-11 and grab some snacks.

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Absent Image...

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