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TWP 014 : Wedding Day Spray Tans & a Photographers Letter to a Makeup Artist


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TWP 014 : Wedding Day Spray Tans & a Photographers Letter to a Makeup Artist

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Should I have a spray tan for my wedding? One of the most asked questions I get as a photographer. In this episode, Ariety from Luscious Glow Spray Tanning answers the tough questions from a complete novice (me) leaving you sure about your decision to have a spray tan for your wedding.

There are plenty of spray tan artists available but I was keen to speak to Arety on this topic for a few reasons; she comes highly recommended by her clients, sure, not so uncommon. She knows her products well, also no real surprise as you’d expect anyone that sprays a fine coloured film all over your naked body with a pressurised air gun to at least know what they are applying. But here’s the biggie for me – Arety comes recommended by other suppliers and photographers.

Working at weddings, with couples and in the wedding industry, recommendations are highly sought after because they don’t come lightly. Since views on spray tans tend to be split down the middle, I wanted to interview someone that definitely does great work. And recommendations from other suppliers are often the best recommendations as these guys are seeing each others work often.

During the interview with Arety, we cover everything I can think of to ask about spray tans including: 

With an amazing wedding gown like this, you’d want to be 100% sure your spray tan is perfect. Photo by Impact Images.

  • What actually happens when you get a spray tan?
  • Choosing the right shade or colour for your skin colour – this was totally different to what I expected.
  • How to best prepare for the best spray tan – especially for your wedding.
  • When to have your tan applied before your wedding.
  • How long will your spray tan last?
  • Are there things you can do to make the tan last longer?
  • What you can do if you don’t like your spray tan on the day of the wedding.
  • How much does a spray tan cost?
  • What causes the “dirty knee” look and how to avoid it.
  • How to choose a good spray tan artist for your wedding.
  • Are all spray tan products the same?
  • How have spray tan products changed over the last couple of years?
  • Should your spray tan rub off on your wedding dress?
  • Can you have all you bridesmaids look the same colour after a spray tan?
  • What causes that horrible “orange” look with spray tans?

I love the look that Taylor and Sam went for with their wedding – understated vintage.

Being a wedding photographer, I am always reluctant to recommend a spray tan to a bride after witnessing some “shockers” in the past. In my experience though, things have changed a lot and I am seeing few bad spray tans at weddings today. I believe this has a lot to do with the new products, particularly the change of “base colours” in the spray tan solution and that girls are more educated and experienced with tans and take less risks with their wedding.

If you are considering a tan for your wedding, listen to what Arety has to say and you will have the look you’re after for your wedding day, your dress will remain white, no matter the humidity and you’ll actually be able to control the colour of your skin to perfection.

A Wedding Photographers Letter to a Wedding Makeup Artist

Also covered in this episode of The Wedding Podcast is a letter written by Ben Newnam, a Sydney based and very experienced wedding photographer to a wedding make up artist looking to be referred by Ben to his wedding clients.

All so often when a bride is late to the ceremony on her wedding day, it’s the result of the hair stylist or make up artist that just took too long preparing the bridal party and particularly the bride. Bens letter addresses exactly this issue and goes onto explaining the ramifications of running late on a wedding day when there is absolutely no chance to “go back” and get the photos you missed.

With a bridal party of this size, you need to make sure your makeup artist is on the ball and has their timing sorted. Photo by Impact Images.

I too have covered this same issue in a previous blog post and running late on a wedding day continues to be a real headache for everyone involved – long after the makeup artists and hair stylist have left for the day. What they often fail to realise is a bride late to the ceremony either results in missed photos at home, which the couple have paid for (and possibly highly) or the girls arrive late to the ceremony, much to the annoyance of the celebrant or priest, who may have other appointments or weddings.

If arriving late to the ceremony, often this continues on and it becomes a choice, less time for photos or late to the reception and face the wrath of the function coordinator or chef (and rightly so) because there are over 100 hot meals going cold for the wedding guests.

So… after all that :) Have a listen to Bens letter and you will see the issue of running late on your wedding day and the importance of having a makeup artist and stylist that are on the same page as you in regard to timing.

An Embarrassing Speech

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the speeches but this little recount was a shocker. The maid of honour accidentally refers to the newly married groom (to her best friend) by the wrong name. Not just any wrong name though… the  name of the brides ex! Ouch, not good. Is this something just laughed off and easily forgotten by everyone? What about the groom? Would this affect the relationship between the groom and the maid of honour into the future?

Links to websites discussed in this episode:

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Impact Blog article on spray tans:

Ben Newnam Photography:

Podcast episode with Ben Newnam: http:/

Get the timing right for your wedding day:

Do You Have a Question?

Do you have a shocking wedding speech story, need some help with your wedding planning or have a comment on this episode? If so, I’d love to hear from you via email, or you can leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Speak soon


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[TWP 014 – Wedding Day Spray Tans & Photographers Letter to a Makeup Artist]

 [length: 00:40:09]


Andrew: The Wedding Podcast session number fourteen.

[Intro music]

Andrew: Hi, this is Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images. I’m a wedding photographer and this is the podcast where we give you advice, tips and ideas on how to have the perfect wedding day. It’s not only me just giving you that advice and those tips, I’ve also got guests on most weeks and they’re professionals in their field. Stick around – I’ve got a big show for you guys today. I’ve got the big take away from last week. I’ve got some local news about the wedding of Sam and Taylor that I mentioned in the last episode.

I’ve also got a letter that Ben Newnam, a photographer in Hornsby, wrote to a local make-up artist, that I think you’d be interested in as well. You might remember Ben from an earlier podcast episode as well. Following that, I’ve got a little wedding story. It’s a bit of a shocker. And I wonder if you’ve got any stories like that too or maybe some advice on how you can avoid a story like this one. Following that, I’ve got a great interview with Arety from Luscious Glow Spray Tans in Canberra. I’m going to say that again – with Arety, from Luscious Glow Spray Tans in Canberra. Spray Tanning is one of the biggest things I get asked about as a wedding photographer – what my advice is as far as having one for your wedding day and if I think it’s a good idea or bad. It’s also one of the most searched for things on my blog at

Let’s get into today’s show. And if you do remember, I usually have a big take away or a top tip from the last episode of the podcast. If you haven’t been back there yet, I interviewed Andrew from Formal Wear Express. The biggest tip or the biggest take away for me was as far as the guys getting dressed. I actually did know this one before, but I think it’s really a good one to reinforce. If the guys are wearing suits, they may have one, two or three buttons. And looking from the top down, a little way to remember which button should be done up is always, sometimes, never. So the top button is always done up, the next one down, if there is one, is sometimes, and if there’s a third button, that’s never done up. If you have a two-button suit, you might not always have the top one done up, and only sometimes have the second one done up. So that works no matter what type of suit your guys are wearing – one, two or three button. Always, sometimes, never. That’s a good one to remember. Obviously the guys may want to have all buttons undone, and of course that’s fine as well for that more casual look. It looks great for photos as well, that way. But when the guys do want to have their buttons done up, always, sometimes, never.

While I was recording the episode for last week, it was the Friday of the week just before my wedding on the Saturday and I was heading down to a new location on a golf course down the Hawkesbury river where I’d never been before. And it looked like there was rain on the horizon for Sam and Taylor’s wedding. As it turned out, the skies are blue and the day was perfect. Actually, it was mostly blue. We did have some clouds, but it always makes it easier for me because there’s less squinting and I don’t have to worry so much about the light when there’s a good cloud cover. So we had a great day. She looked absolutely fantastic. It was one of the vintage look gets done [unclear] but it certainly gets done a lot. It’s a lovely look; I can totally understand why people or couples go for that theme and that look and that feel. But the way that Taylor adapted it to suit her was just fantastic. It was a little bit understated. It wasn’t over the top vintage. It looked really classy. I loved the way they all looked. It was a really cozy, nice wedding. They’re a very young couple. Taylor is 19 and her new husband Sam is 20. So it was really nice. They were really fun to shoot. They’ve got great family and friends around them. It was a really, really nice wedding. I’ll put a photo or two up on the show notes so you can have a look at them as well and have a look at this dress, some of the [unclear] that this guys went for. Happy to say, everything went perfectly. They’re away on their honeymoon at the moment, but we’ll have their photos ready for them as soon as they get back early next week.

What I wanted to do now is to share a letter with you that Ben Newnam, a photographer – a Sydney photographer; a really good Sydney photographer – wrote to a make-up artist that approached him to be recommended for wedding shoots. This make-up artist, she sent a lovely letter just introducing herself and her services. And Ben replied with quite a lengthy letter, but it started off with an introduction that he was happy to have a go and recommend her once he’d see some of her works, some of her portfolio. But then he gets into the cracks of the letter all that time. I’m going to read that to you now. This is from Ben:

“If we do a few jobs together, and everything works out well, and my clients are happy, then I would be happy to make you my one and only recommendation for a make-up artist.

One thing though, if you could guarantee to the best of your ability that you would leave me plenty of time to photograph the bride before she has to leave for the ceremony – even if this means starting half an hour earlier yourself.

After shooting for more than 20 years, the reason that 90% of brides are late is because hair and make-up artists will only finish their hair and make-up with a bride having five to ten minutes spare before she have to leave for the ceremony.

Many occasions, hair and make-up don’t finish within the timeframe of the bride having to leave. This really doesn’t give photographers enough time to shoot individual shots, family shots, and bridal party shots, before the ceremony.

[unclear] to the mix, that the bride will still need to put on the dress, which can take up to half an hour sometimes – you get the picture. It becomes quite stressful to tell you the truth.

While the hair and make-up artist can finish for the day, they don’t have to see the consequences of the bride being late, half an hour or more, to the church. This goes on to become a snowball effect, which inevitably cuts into photo shoot time and possibly being late to the reception, which puts us, as the photographers, offside with the reception venue – all because the hairdresser and make-up artist didn’t leave enough time to finish the hair and make-up in a suitable timeframe before the ceremony.

If you can guarantee this won’t happen too often, then I’d be happy to recommend you for life. I understand sometimes it will be totally out of your control, and the bride will be late through no fault of her own. But if you can give a realistic time she needs to start hair and make-up in order to give us time to photograph her, then I would be forever grateful.”

So that’s the end of the letter there. I think it’s certainly clear and easy to see that Ben has been frustrated – like all of us, as photographers, over the years of shooting weddings. What Ben says – and it’s totally true – is the make-up artist and the hairdresser, usually together, they can be responsible for making you, the bride, late for the day. And there really is no chance to go back and catch up.  So what happens is you might book Ben or myself or another photographer, and you’d book us on the quality of our albums and the photos that you see. Often those albums will have fantastic photos of girls or brides and bridesmaids and family all getting ready beforehand. You will expect to have those photos at your wedding too. But if you’re running late, you just don’t get them. A wedding day – there’s no chance really to come back and make up for those shots that you don’t get. You really have to work out a time with your photographer that he or she needs you ready before leaving for the ceremony. And then you need to give that time to your make-up artist so that they can have you ready by that time. If your make-up artist or hairdresser asked you what time you’re leaving for the church, that really is irrelevant to them – or it should be. The time that they need to be given to have you ready is when the photographer arrives or when the photographer works out a time with you. To leave enough time for those photos beforehand. One bit of extra advice that I give to my couples – and particularly the brides – is when they’re planning their timing and they might have, say, three or four girls in the bridal party, or there might be, say, four or five people getting their make-up done, including the moms and maybe flower girls, or whoever that might be there, I suggest that the bride never goes last. It’s better to be ready a little bit earlier, relaxing, have a champagne, just chill out, enjoy the fact that you’re getting married, and that you’re not rushing. So much planning, time and effort goes into a wedding day, often 12 months in advance. So to me it just seems ridiculously crazy to have to be hurrying and to rushing on your wedding day. Not only rushing, but also they’re missing out on some of the things that you truly wanted. I know that photography isn’t a cheap option, particularly if you’re going with someone good, so it’s crazy to have your photographer turn up and be sitting around, hanging around, doing nothing – waiting for you to get ready. He or she can be shooting some detail shots and bits and pieces, but there’s only so many photos that we want to take of bridesmaids and family and details. You’re the star of the show. If you’re ready, you’ll get the images that you want and that you deserve. Hopefully that will help when  you’re planning your make-up and hair timing for your wedding day.


Andrew: So maybe onto the next thing.. I mentioned that I’ve got a funny story. It’s a story that came across my desk while I was working this week. I don’t know how funny it is. You almost sort of squirm in your seat when you hear this one. What it was – Matthew was the groom and he was at his wedding and it was time for the speeches. And he goes on to say that his wife’s best friend, the maid of honor – she got up to make her speech, and she actually called him the wrong name in her toast. The name she called out was his new wife’s ex-boyfriend. So Matthew says he laughed it off at the time but to be honest, he was pretty humiliated. That’s a shocker, that one. There’s not much you could say after that to apologize. He’s obviously living that bad moment for a long time after; probably forever. I’m sure the bridesmaid or the maid of honor would be feeling the same way. How do you avoid that? I don’t know. Just good preparation, I guess. Maybe make notes and don’t just wing it for the speech.

If you’ve got a story like that – if you’ve been to a wedding, if you have heard an embarrassing or funny story – I’d love to hear. You can let me know in the comments, or you can email me. My email address is I don’t know how your husband or future husband will feel if he was called by the wrong name, particularly if it’s your ex-boyfriend’s name during one of the speeches at your wedding. Ouch. That’s got to hurt.


Andrew: So let’s get into the main content for this podcast episode. And that’s my interview with Arety from Luscious Glow Spray Tanning in Canberra. Like I said earlier, spray tanning is one of those things that if not done right, can really, really make a mess of your wedding day. It’s not something you want to play around with. You want to make sure it is right and you certainly want to have a trial. We’re going to cover all that stuff with Arety in the interview. And the reason I contacted Arety to get in touch with her for this interview was because she uses a great product that I know that’s popular with a lot of girls out there. She’s also have lots of great comments from her clients. And not only that, she gets recommended by other service providers in the wedding industry. That to me is a real ++ situation. If she’s got other service providers recommending her, particularly photographers, I know that she does a good job for a wedding. If you don’t live in Canberra, the advice that Arety gives in the interview will be able to be applied and used wherever you live in the world, for your wedding.

Alright. Let’s get into that interview now. Here’s Arety.


Andrew: Hi Arety! Thanks for joining us on The Wedding Podcast.

Arety: Hi! How are you going?

Andrew: Yes, really good, really good. Now, you’re a spray tan technician in Canberra. Is that right?

Arety: Yes, I am.

Andrew: Cool. So what I wanted to do is have a chat about spray tanning – what’s involved, particularly looking at weddings, because I know that I photograph a few weddings over the years and I’ve seen some really, really bad spray tan jobs. So hopefully we can come up with some tips on how to avoid that. You reckon we can do that?

Arety: Yes, we can.

Andrew: Awesome. Can you tell me a little bit about what a spray tan actually is and how it happens? So if a girl’s never had a spray tan before, what should she expect when she turns up to have it? First time tan.

Arety: Okay. A spray tan, the actual stuff that actually turns you brown is the DHA, which is made out of sugarcane. So that reacts with the melanin in your skin. When it is sprayed, it just reacts with the melanin in your skin, basically, and you go with the color that you would naturally turn as.

Andrew: So it’s not actually a dye that you’re spraying on?

Arety: No. It adheres to the top layer of the skin, which is your dead skin. That’s why after so many days or weeks, it starts to fade. Because it’s your dead skin actually coming off.

Andrew: That sounds really attractive. So say, a girl’s coming for a first time tan. She walks into a boutique – is she totally naked?

Arety: [no audio 00:14:04] but I try and make clients feel as comfortable as they can. I go through the process with them, and most of the time, basically, they just wear a G-string, really. Because if they wear a bra they’ll have lines, so you don’t really want to have your bra because different dresses, different cuts. You don’t want to have lines and stuff.

Andrew: Sure. So you definitely want to go topless but you might wear a G-string. With the G-string they wear, is that going to be wrecked after the spray tan has been applied? So they should wear something not really super fancy?

Arety: No, because the brand that I use does not stain your clothes. It just comes out in the wash. So you can wear anything you like.

Andrew: Okay, right. So they’ve got their underwear on, they step in to some sort of a booth, and have you got like a spray paint gun?

Arety: I have a spray tanning machine, which is a gun. It’s like spray painting cars. It’s the same sort of gun.

Andrew: Right, okay. So they basically have their arms above their head. Do they twirl in front of you?

Arety: No. I do get them into different positions – arms on the side, moving their legs, turning around, stuff like that. It just depends on their body type as well. So I get them into different positions and that’s to get into basically everywhere, and into the crevices. So basically your whole body is tanned.

Andrew: As you’re applying it with your spray tanning gun, you can actually see clearly where it’s sort of even applied.

Arety: Yes. Because that’s the beauty of the DHA – because it’s already brown. Once you’ve sprayed, it goes on brown, so I can see where I have sprayed.

Andrew: Sure. So they walk out of the booth. Are you actually dry when you walk out of the booth? Or you’re still wet?

Arety: With the solution I use, it dries instantly, which is great. But I do dry them off a little bit more anyway.

Andrew: With just a towel or something?

Arety: No, the machine actually has a blower. So I’ll blow air.

Andrew: So the girls then would just put normal loose clothing back on to go back home?

Arety: Yes. Just normal loose clothing. The beauty with the solution I use is you put your clothes back on and off you go. You can do what you need to do until you wash off the tan.

Andrew: Okay. When they walk out of the booth, is that the color that’s going to be staying? Do they see instant results or does it take a day to sit?

Arety: They see instant results, but it also depends how dark they want to go. With my solutions, the longer you leave it on, the darker you will get. They will see that they will be getting darker and darker and darker. Once I’ve sprayed it, it will get darker and darker and darker.

Andrew: Until they wash?

Arety: Until they wash.

Andrew: And that stops the process of darkening.

Arety: That stops the process.

Andrew: You keep saying my solution – that’s a particular brand that you’re using?

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: So different companies – do they all work the same?

Arety: They kind of all work the same. There’s like different types of solutions and all that. And other companies have different colors as well so you have to pick the color that you think that will suit a client. But with the solution I use, it’s just one color and it changes to your own skin. It uses the melanin in your own skin to work out the color that you’ll be. So it’s natural-looking. It doesn’t look like it’s fake.

Andrew: So if I’m coming to you for the first time to get a spray tan, I don’t have to choose between colors. You would just apply the one product you’ve got and then I wash it when I think I’m dark enough.

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: Okay, cool. Do you spray the face as well?

Arety: Yes, I do.

Andrew: So the girls just close their eyes, you spray over…

Arety: They close their eyes, I get them to take a deep breath, and close their eyes. And I just spray them.

Andrew: Cool. Okay. Easy. Do they have to wear a hair net or a cover?

Arety: No, they don’t. I do have hair nets for people if they think that their hair is going to get wet or colored. But I don’t use them very often because I can control the gun.

Andrew: Okay, perfect. I’ve got to talk a little bit about choosing the right spray tan in a little while. But I just want to stay with this for a minute. When you’re controlling that darkness – I just want to make sure – as soon as you wash, that’s it; it doesn’t change at all then?

Arety: No. As soon as you wash, once you reach that darkness, that’s the color that you will be. So you just wash off the bronzer, which is the DHA – you wash it off – and you just have a shower, wash it off, and then moisturize, and off you go.

Andrew: Say, if you have fair skin and you just want just a touch of color for your wedding, how would you leave that solution on for?

Arety: With the solution I use, the minimum is two hours. But it also just depends on your skin. Like a fair-skinned person could be fair, but they also tan very easily out in the sun, so they could tan in less time. But the minimum is two hours. For a lot.

Andrew: Okay, got it. Alright. Just going back to  the preparations. Say, a girl’s got her wedding coming up in a  week’s time, does she have to do any preparation to have the best-looking tan in that lead up?

Arety: Yes she does.

Andrew: What does she got to do?

Arety: Basically, 24 hours before the spray tan, exfoliate your body to remove all the dead skin so you’ve got your new skin. And also shave or wax. Shave your legs, wax your legs, do what you need to do. And that is basically it.

Andrew: I’ve read or heard somewhere when I was talking to a make-up artist that it’s a really good idea to be well-hydrated. So drink lots of water in the few days up to the spray tan.

Arety: Especially in the heat, it is good to be cooled down. And that’s why I suggest clients before they come for their spray tan, to just shower just before the tan. Just so the skin is fresh and cleaned. And deodorants, moisturizers and make-up and stuff like that are removed.

Andrew: Cool.

Arety: Because that acts as a barrier to the skin.

Andrew: Okay. All those things. So once they come out of the shower just before they spray tan, that same afternoon or morning, they wouldn’t apply any moisturizer then?

Arety: No.

Andrew: Okay. Straight out the shower, dry off and then off to the tanner.

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: Okay, perfect. What about after the spray tan? How many days before the wedding should a girl have her spray tan, if she’s going to have one?

Arety: Roughly one or two days before.

Andrew: Okay. So let’s say it’s two days before the wedding. She’s had her spray tan with you, what does she do after the spray tan to make sure her skin is perfect for the wedding day?

Arety: After you have your spray tan – and this is just in general – just in getting spray tans, to keep the spray tan going  for as long as it can, don’t have baths, don’t be in pools because chlorine removes everything. Just have warm showers and when you get out of the shower, pat dry; don’t rub because you’re effectively rubbing the old skin off. Pat dry and moisturize. If you can moisturize two times a day, that’s the best.

Andrew: Okay. That seems pretty easy. Tell me, some of the problems that I’ve seen when I photograph weddings is I’ve seen girls with muddy-looking knees and blotchy around the ankles and the feet. What’s caused that and how do you stop it?

Arety: That’s because they might have a really, really dry skin and the tanner didn’t apply a barrier cream before tanning. Also, the client probably didn’t exfoliate in those areas very good so there’s a buildup of dead skin there.

Andrew: You just mentioned barrier cream. What is that? Is that something you apply when you tan?

Arety: That’s something I apply when I turn up, and that is applied to dry areas of the body.

Andrew: So not everywhere. You just put that in the feet, palms, things like that?

Arety: Elbows, knees. Not everyone needs it. It’s just basically for people – like their elbows are more dry than the rest of their body, or their knees, or their ankles.

Andrew: Okay. Because the product is reacting with the dry skin, that’s where you’re going to have a darker concentration if they don’t remove that by exfoliating.

Andrew: Okay. I’ve got it. This is making sense. Do guys have had spray tans?

Arety: Yes, they do actually. It’s actually quite popular.

Andrew: For the bodybuilder dudes or for wedding guys?

Arety: Just in general. Just having a tan. Because it defines their muscles.

Andrew: I see. And you’ll be the bodybuilder guys.

Arety: All the guys.

Andrew: Okay, sure. So not as many for weddings?

Arety: Not as many for weddings, no.

Andrew: Cool.

Arety: I haven’t had a guy for a wedding actually. No.

Andrew: So tell me, what about the tan rubbing off on the wedding dress? I’ve seen that a lot too and it gets pretty unsightly, especially if it’s a hot summer’s day. Is that because the girls are actually perspiring themselves?

Arety: The beauty with the solution I use, it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

Andrew: Serious? So if a girl put a wedding dress on after spray tan with you, it won’t rub off on the dress.

Arety: No.

Andrew: Okay. Wow. It’s pretty cool because I’ve seen some. And it’s okay if it’s just a little tiny bit under the armpit. But when it starts spreading on a hot day, then it’s pretty hard to fix that up – even later in Photoshop – for us.

Arety: Yes. It also could be because they’ve applied a bronzer, they’ve applied a moisturizer that has a little bit of DHA in it. It could be a number of reasons why it’s rubbing off onto their dress.

Andrew: Is that something the make-up artist would use or yourself?

Arety: The girl. The girl.

Andrew: So she would have to check if she’s putting any moisturizer on after the spray tan before the wedding it doesn’t have any DHA.

Arety: DHA. Yes. That’s the ingredient that turns you brown. And in some moisturizers, like you can get in supermarkets now that have bronzers and stuff in it and make it sparkly and all that, they have a little bit of brown stuff in it. Of course that’s going to rub off.

Andrew: Again, I’m not big on the make-ups and moisturizers and stuff. So could they use just something like [unclear].

Arety: Yes, just a normal moisturizer without any tint in it, without any colors or anything in it. Just a normal moisturizer.

Andrew: Alright. So here I am, I could be blaming the spray tan or the spray tanner. And it could actually be the girl’s have added something afterwards. What I was going to say Arety was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. I don’t see as much anymore is the orangey yellow-looking girls. Has something changed in the products that all you girls are using for spray tans?

Arety: Yes. There has some ban – like a lot of change in spray tans and stuff like that. Over the years, of course, things have changed. And solutions are now turning more to be green-based, whereas before they were orange-based, which gave you that orange tone. But I still do see a lot of those orange girls.

Andrew: Really?

Arety: Yes. Because a lot of self-tan products like you buy at the supermarket, they still have all the nasty stuff in it. And they’re basically orange-based as well. Because they’re just cheap and nasty.

Andrew: Let me just ask you about those. So if someone just want to have some everyday tanning – like a product like that – is there anything they should particularly look out for? Or just stay away from that supermarket stuff? I know you’re going to be a little bit biased, but if you’re going to use something yourself…

Arety: I mean, it all just depends. There are some good ones, but they’re not cheap. So it’s actually cheaper to get a spray tan than to buy those products. And then having to apply it and then waiting for it to dry, and then having to wash it off and all that. So it’s basically a whole day’s process, almost. And those products actually rub off onto clothes.

Andrew: Right. Okay. I know that when my wife Linda used to use some of those things, she’d lay an old towel on the bed, she’d put it on before bed, and she’d be like, “Don’t you dare touch me.”

Arety: Exactly. And also, they stink.

Andrew: Right. Okay. I know the old towel that she’d be laying on while she’s waiting for it to set would definitely have color on it and be all stained.

Arety: Exactly. Yes.

Andrew: Alright. You mentioned a green base with the spray tan. You don’t see the green, do you?

Arety: No. No.

Andrew: So what is that? Like an undercoat? Or does it all come out together in the same spray?

Arety: It all comes out together. It’s just the stuff that they use to make the tan. But I’m actually [unclear].

Andrew: So it used to be an orange base, but now it’s a green base. And that’s going to help prevent that orangey…

Arety: Yes. It’s something to do with the tone of the skin.

Andrew: Okay. That makes sense. If you ask a spray tanner what color base, they should know?

Arety: Yes. They should know. Of course.

Andrew: If the spray tanner says that it’s green, then the girls can be assured they’re not going to come away from there looking orange.

Arety: Exactly.

Andrew: Is there any other colors that you know of apart from the green that they might use?

Arety: I do know there’ll still be orange based. And also I do know of amethyst. A different brand that I know of uses amethyst.

Andrew: If they use that, that’s still going to be okay?

Arety: I haven’t tried. I haven’t tried that so I don’t know.

Andrew: Okay. Alright then. So let’s go back to the wedding scenario. When I see couples – we’re talking about the wedding day coming up, and I always bring up the topic of spray tans because I’m seeing so many bad ones. And my suggestion to girls is if you’re at all unsure, don’t have one. But if you want to have one, to go and have a trial spray tan just like you would with your make-up.

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: Okay. If they did that, say, a few months out before the wedding, they’ll be able to tell straight away whether it’s going to be good for them or bad for them, aren’t they?

Arety: Exactly. Yes. I always recommend a trial. Most brides probably do it about three or four weeks before the wedding. It’s also a good indication to see if you actually react to the spray tan solution. And also to see what color you actually want to go. To see how long you need to leave it on to reach your desired color.

Andrew: Okay, cool. And you said react. Some girls are allergic to spray tanning solutions?

Arety: Some girls are. Some people with eczemas and sensitive skins – stuff like that – they react to some solutions. It just depends what they’re allergic to and what’s in the product. But the product that I use doesn’t really react. It doesn’t react with anything, with anyone.

Andrew: You’re saying the product you use is – is it Black Magic?

Arety: It’s Black Magic Vibe.

Andrew: So it’s Black Magic..?

Arety: Vibe.

Andrew: And I thought you said it was an all-natural product, when we were chatting just before we started recording?

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: Good. If the girls have a trial, say, a few weeks before that – certainly enough time if they do react, for it to clear up?

Arety: If they do react to a spray tan, I would suggest not to go with that solution.

Andrew: Okay. So you’ll possibly try another brand that you [unclear] or don’t have a spray tan.

Arety: Yes. Exactly.

Andrew: Say, there’s four girls in the bridal party, including the bride, and they’re all got slightly different skin tones, then they’re never going to look the same, are they? No matter which product they use.

Arety: No. And that’s why colors – it’s very difficult when you have to pick a color. Because it might be alright for that person, even though they have the same skin tone as you, but your skin will react in a different way so you might turn out a different color. That’s why I don’t like to use colors.

Andrew: Okay, sure. Say, they have a spray tan. They didn’t have a trial, but it comes up to the wedding day, they had it done two days before, and they’re not happy with the color. Is there anything they can do to bring it back? Or it’s too late.

Arety: They just need to exfoliate very hard.

Andrew: Okay. So you really want to do that the day before the wedding. You don’t want to be red roll.

Arety: No. If you’re not happy with the spray tan, to remove the spray tan, you need to exfoliate as well.

Andrew: Okay.

Arety: That’s because you’re just getting your skin off. Your dead skin.

Andrew: So that will lighten the color by taking off that dead skin?

Arety: Yes. And completely remove it as well.

Andrew: Okay. Right. So really the best suggestion is to make sure you have a trial.

Arety: Make sure you have a trial. Like you have with the hair trial, make-up trial, of course have a spray tan trial.

Andrew: Okay. Obviously, all the girls listening to this – they could be anywhere in the world, they may be anywhere in Australia – and they may not be able to come to you for your product and for your excellent service, how do they pick a good spray tanner? Is it just by trial and error? Or should they be asking about products or colors? How would you tell?

Arety: I suggest research the business. Make sure they are registered and licensed and have insurance. That is really, really important. That they’re also qualified. And also the product. See what product they use and do the research on the product.

Andrew: Alright. That’s pretty easy then. Should they be asking about base color? Or should they just Google the product and see what it’s like.

Arety: Yes. Ask them about base color. Also asking friends. Researching, Google-ing. Researching the different solutions out there to see what you think is best for you. Word of mouth does a long way.

Andrew: Sure. And if a girl has a spray tan with you and then goes up the road, say [unclear] to someone else a couple of weeks later, will there be a difference in the look?

Arety: It all just depends on what solutions they’re using.

Andrew: Okay. So it becomes a little bit of a trial and error thing until you find someone that you like and that you trust?

Arety: Exactly. And it’s also the way that the spray tan technician is spraying as well, and control the gun and all that. If they’re doing it properly. With anything, make sure that the person is qualified in what they’re doing.

Andrew: Okay. So one of the girls walk into a larger salon and, say, there was a couple of girls that are qualified to do the spray tanning, would it be a good idea to tell the business owner, or whoever’s going to be doing the spray tan, “This is a trial for my wedding”?

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: So you get the more experienced spray tanner?

Arety: Yes. You always want the best.

Andrew: True. That makes sense.

Arety: And your wedding is like the most important day of your life. So you don’t want any suck ups.

Andrew: For sure. Well, that makes total sense. Is there anything that I haven’t asked that you think girls should know about as far as spray tans go? What about cost? How much do girls expect to pay for spray tanning?

Arety: It all varies. It all varies depending where you go. It just varies.

Andrew: Can I ask you how much do you charge?

Arety: I charge $30 for Vibe.

Andrew: Right, okay. Would the prices be different because of the product they use? Or just what the person decides to be charging for their job?

Arety: It’s also the product as well. Some products are very cheap. But I know of people still charging more.

Andrew: Right. Okay. Even if they’re using that cheaper product?

Arety: Even though they’re using that cheaper product. So it just depends, I guess, also on their costs, where they’re located, if they’ve got higher rents, lots of stuff. It all just depends.

Andrew: Sure. Around $30. That’s going to be certainly a good price.

Arety: Yes.

Andrew: Okay, great. And how long should it last for before you need another one, if someone wants to keep it going, say, over the summertime?

Arety: It all just depends on your skin.

Andrew: Lots of depends, isn’t it? With spray tans.

Arety: It all depends on the skin, but I’m averaging around two weeks. Two to three weeks, with my clients.

Andrew: Okay. Right.

Arety: Which is actually really, really good. Because my spray tans only last about five days. So it just depends how you care for it. Again, as I mentioned before about showers and stuff – pat drying, moisturizing – all that is going to keep your tan longer.

Andrew: Can you spray tan yourself?

Arety: It’s quite difficult. I have done my legs myself.

Andrew: So you can’t actually do it because of the gun, I guess. It would be a bit weird.

Arety: Yes. And not being able to get into..

Andrew: All those hard-to-get-to places.

Arety: All the hard-to-get-to places.

Andrew: Let’s keep this as clean as we can.

Arety: I don’t recommend doing it yourself.

Andrew: That’s great. Look, Arety, where can people find you in Canberra if they want to get in touch and have a chat to you about having their spray tan with you?

Arety: I’m listed in the yellow pages. Also on Facebook. My business name is Luscious Glow Spray Tanning Canberra. All my contact details are all on there. Did you want me to tell you my phone number.

Andrew: Sure. Go ahead.

Arety: 0431 796 057

Andrew: That’s great. I’ll add links to your Facebook page as well, on the show notes for the podcast so people will definitely be able to chase you up and find you in Canberra if they want to.

Arety: Yes. Cool.

Andrew: If someone’s got any other questions, are you okay if they do contact you?

Arety: Sure. I have no problem.

Andrew: Awesome. That’s unreal. Thanks Arety! Look, let me say thanks again. That was heaps of info. It was really good. I learned a lot about spray tanning, which is cool. I think I’ve been telling my brides the right information and I’ve got a little bit more detail now to go with as well. And some stuff to back it up.

Arety: Okay. Cool.

Andrew: Thanks heaps, Arety.

Arety: Thank you. Bye!


Andrew: Thanks again, Arety! That was a great interview. I hope everyone listening got some good information and good tips and advice from Arety there. And you’ll be able to apply those, that new knowledge, to getting your spray tan for your wedding.

If you got a horror story, you let me know too. And you can make it private or anonymous if you leave a comment about a horror spray tan story. I know we’ve all seen one at some stage in our life and we just hope it’s not going to be at a wedding.

That’s it for this week’s episode. I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to check out any links, make sure you jump over to the show notes at If you’re enjoying the show and the podcast, do me a favor – let your friends know. Maybe put something on Facebook, and let the other brides out there that are preparing for their wedding know about the podcast. That would be awesome.

Have fun planning your wedding and I’ll chat to you soon. Bye!