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Episode 74-The End


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The Unsocial Network


Description: We are a group of friends who do a weekly comedy podcast.

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Episode 74-The End

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A fight breaks out at the beginning of the episode, but we manage to work things out. We then go over a list of 10 things you might not know about New York City prostitutes.

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Episode 73-Lois Lane and The Blue Waffle

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We open up the show by talking about the Motor City Comic Con. Matt tells us a few stories about meeting Lou Ferrigno, Margot Kidder, and Alex Winter. We spend the second half of the show going over the list for The Richest Lead Singers in the World...

Episode 72-The Final Countdown

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We open the show by playing a song from the rap group ConvoTronics. You can find them on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter @RealConvoTronic. We then get into some advice and end the show with would you rather...

Episode 71-Pet Names for Your Junk

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We open up the show talking about the latest craze, twerkin! We give some advice to a gentleman who cant handle the pet names

given to his junk by his girlfriend. Pete is kick offed the show and replaced with Pedro, who sits in on a few rounds of ...

Episode 70-The Return of Pedro

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Episode 70 was recorded on May 4th, so we had to get into a little Star Wars talk. We gave a Twitter shout-out to a new listener and Chris's personal assistant, Pedro, makes a surprise visit to the show. Pete talks about going to the strip club, we talk about the documentary film about bug chasers,...

Episode 69-Pod God Dammit

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Pod God Dammit is a podcast mash up featuring all the great shows from the Pod Gods Network! Each week every show is given one topic/question to answer. Episode 69 features clips from the shows we have participated in.

1. Worst way to die?

2. Who's the sexiest celebrity? ...

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