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The Tech Show Episode 07


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The Tech Show with Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston

Chris Taylor & Matt Johnston

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Description: The Tech Show With Chris Taylor And Matt Johnston

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The Tech Show Episode 07

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The Tech Show episode 7 with Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston.

Tonight we’ll be looking at some items in the news, we’ll hear how Matt got on in Barcelona where he attended Mobile World Congress and finish the show with a discussion on privacy.

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Show notes:

  • 00:24 First graduates of the Software Testers Academy
  • 02:07 NI Science Park – With the announcement that Concourse II has been completed and fully let, we ask what makes NISP different?
  • 04:30 Top all time iPhone and iPad apps – what does this say about how we use these devices? We drift into a debate on how we use mobile devices and discuss the lack of an iPad competitor. Chris asks will you be getting an iPad 3?
  • 13:43 the next evolution of the Android market – Who cares and did you notice?

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17:42 1. Mobile World Congress
– what was it like?

30:52 2. The great big privacy debate – has the world gone mad over privacy?

Two parts – one is the app privacy debacle and the second is google’s simplifying their privacy policy.

“If you’re not paying for the product you are the product” but are consumers really that naive that they believe they get something for free?
Scott McNealy of SUN Microsystems said over ten years ago “You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it”

36:45 Wrap up
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