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The Tech Show – Episode 06


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The Tech Show with Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston

Chris Taylor & Matt Johnston

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Description: The Tech Show With Chris Taylor And Matt Johnston

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The Tech Show – Episode 06

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Coming up on this episode: google finally gets EU approval for Motorola; we take a look at the security of the Android market; could it finally be the end of the road for flash; we discuss the lack of 3g coverage here in NI and we end the show with a debate on piracy.

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Show notes:

00:00 Intro

00:35 The prestigious Smyth Researchare competing in the Hardware/ Semiconductor category.

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04:35 The European Commission has cleared the proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

08:40 Dixons is about to launch streaming movies.

11:20 MySpace claims that it has added more than a million new users since launching its new MySpace Music Player in December.

14:27 Chrome for Android (beta) is finally released. Significantly this means (in time) Android will ship without flash support.

20:32 Government Digital Service offers developers up to £73k

21:30 Danish website says that, according to its own statistics, as many as 94% of Northern Irish men are ugly.

22:20 Android market security: Google have announced bouncer, but is it enough?

26:22 Feature: Mobile Coverage within Northern Ireland

38:20 And finally VEVO, the online music video entity jointly owned by a few major record labels, committing piracy at their boozy event at Sundance this year.

43:02 END

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