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Greg, Andy, and Nathan

Los Angeles, Ca

Description: Entertaining, For Your Life

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That ’70s Episode

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It’s officially Summer! And things are heating up in LA.
No, really, like it’s HOT. But the boys of the Table Set are finding ways to keep cool.

So Where’s the Party??

Nathan has been feverishly consuming tiki cocktails in his attempt to be fez’ed into the Grog Log, but his heart is singing. Oh, achievement!

Andy and Darren went to the weirdest party you’ve ever heard of, a Paternity Mystery Party. That’s right, not murder – Paternity. Set in the swinging ’70s, guests tossed their keys in a bowl and munched on baby cake while unraveling the mystery. Turns out ANDY DID IT! Everyone was shocked!

Greg focused his summer love on getting his fabulous 1974 MGB convertible roadster back in tip-top shape. HE DID IT TOO! Everyone celebrated with a cruise down the hill to a hot new Hollywood bar, and blast from the past.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is just plain cool. You enter through a garage sale, and pass through a vintage refrigerator door to find yourself in a ’70s time warp play den. Pinball machines, classic soda cans, nudie mags and wood paneling galore echo the throwback vibe of cocktail elements like brandy snifters and creme de menthe. Inspiration!

It was decided. For their 60th episode(!), naturally the next Table Set party would be set in the ’70s; golden hazy Summer Love.
Nathan had yet to christen his Highland Park digs with a partay, so he hosted the Sunday afternoon cocktail hour with fun finger foods and, naturally, plenty of adult beverages.

The guys’ guests did not cease to impress with their inspired garb. IBM salesmen, sultry kaftan-wearing neighbor women, quirky girls-next-door, Nixon administration Cabinet members, they all came!

Of course, the Table Set couldn’t have a ’70s appetizer spread without a little help(?) from their friend, Betty. In fact, the Hot Pot produced a few of her recipe cards for the guys to dream up their dishes based on. And boy, were they a challenge.

Andy embraced his card’s ingredients but, as always, with his own imaginative spin. Nathan went for it and even kept the gelatin aspect of his wacky card, but took it even further into bizarro-land. Greg showed up with something altogether different, but even better – inspired by the party’s invitation image. Behold, the .

“But what did they drink??” You are all wondering.

Nathan offered a hospitable punch to start, a fizzy pineapple number he calls Pineapple Upside-Down Punch, with an apropos ice block. White Wine Spritzers also fit the bill for a steamy afternoon, with the optional flair of flower ice cubes. As a back up (in case the avocado jello was, gee, bad), Nathan also prepared a boozy tiki jello mold version of a classic Mai Tai – and boy did it BURN (so good)!
But Greg nailed it with a pitcher of period-perfect Harvey Wallbanger.

Halfway through the party, Greg realized he hadn’t seen Andy yet. Nathan hadn’t either. Wait, was he there??

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