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E75 - Michael Andersen


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The Sprocket Podcast

The Sprocket Podcast

Description: two Portland guys enjoying the good life more simply

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E75 - Michael Andersen

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We welcome our favorite relentlessly upbeat transit journalist Portland Afoot, back to the show for more talk about Portland’s transit environment and economy and the joys of low-car life.

Brandon is freaked out by billionaire asteroid miners.

Bike Safe Nation project.

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Michael brings a lightning round quiz for simple life perspectives on nouns, but after a discussion on local transit politics.




Jim says: “Check out this link to an upcoming indie film to be released regarding Tom Allen’s big tour and the decisions he had to make….: Looking forward to your upcoming path less pedaled interview… and also appreciated your interview w Rebecca Lerner.”

Dan in MN on the foraging episode: “looking for free food was a must in my family when I was growing up. We caught fish, ate mushrooms, harvested wild rice, did maple sirup camp, picked hazelnuts, and ate ferns. We also made our own medicines. Nice to know that other people do this.”

JohnnyK in FL: “if you don’t want flats from glass just get however you will never get a Fred to use these because God forbid they add weight to their bikes.”  Also: “Ok just got back from the Dinner with Elly Blue and friends.  I really enjoyed it and it was very much a learning experience.  So now I cannot wait for your interview with her.”

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