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E73 - Rebecca Lerner


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The Sprocket Podcast

The Sprocket Podcast

Description: two Portland guys enjoying the good life more simply

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E73 - Rebecca Lerner

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Rebecca Lerner is an experienced forager who has taken on many experiments in eating wild local food.  She shares with us how she got interested in foraging, some stories about her experiences and the nature of our relationship with food.

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Listener Ryan from Georgetown ON: “Buy something Canadian. Brandon’s highbrow tase will enjoy a Mousehead [sic?]. Keep up the excellent work.”

Logan in PDX: “I saw a figure depicting carbon emissions of Portland relative to the US average and I noticed something astounding. After listening to the latest podcast and learning the wonders of the year 2002 I was really impressed to see your observations also apparent in carbon emissions. The year 2002 marks the first year Portland deviated its carbon emissions away from the US average and started its current trend downwards! Wow! Pivotal year indeed.”

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