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E107 - News Roundtable & Catching Up


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The Sprocket Podcast

The Sprocket Podcast

Description: two Portland guys enjoying the good life more simply

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E107 - News Roundtable & Catching Up

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Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale.

My Bike Won’t Fit Here! Aaron introduces a new segment this week. Pictures to be posted here when possible – check back.  This week’s egregious bike parking: Fred Meyer!

Headlines BikePortland news roundup: Piscataquis Village Project plans to create a carless “micropolis” BikePortland: a farmer in the Portland region swaps his truck for a cargo bike BBC News via Brandon: the Uruguayan president is living meager, but happy! The Oregonian: speeding car crashes into Sunset TC – from above Rivendell Bicycle Works: MUSA Splats cover ordinary shoes for wet weather The Atlantic Cities: media hosts an ecology dustup between cars & transit dBikePortland: Tom LaBonty heads to Texas to teach cargo bike building Lovely Bicycle: When do we need a cargo bike? Cycle Wild: Petition asks for decent treatment of self-propelled NPS guests Happy, Simply: has a new simple living project No Tech via Logan: now you can UN-knit your wool with a bicycle BikePortland: Chris Sanderson not allowed to recycle metal by bike Fast Co. Design: designer proposes an aerial tram over Austin

Mailbag David Heddy mentions a couple touring the Great Divide on a tandem

Eric Krimmel wrote us about his new ebook “Barnes & Noble.

Dan in MN recommends Nick Mason of the League of American Bicyclists as an interview. Also, Dan just moved into his own tiny house that he built himself!

Kevin from L.A. donates generously and says he can hook us up withTall Bike Bobby.

Thanks to Stacy from recommending our show on Twitter.

Dodson gets in touch about interviewing Brek Boughton (blogger and adventurer) from Cycling Into The Dark:

Upcoming Shows 12/16 Dave Fuecht from has a crash story 12/23 a rebroadcast of the Humanity On Wheels 2 transit storytelling event 12/30 stories from 10 years of Breakfast On The Bridges in Portland

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