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The SportsFathers Episode #11 (Feb. 1, 2013): Super Bowl Sunday


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The SportsFathers Podcast

Rev. Darryl Millette


Description: We are priests and we like sports!

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The SportsFathers Episode #11 (Feb. 1, 2013): Super Bowl Sunday

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Join Frs. Andrew, Darryl, and Travis as we talk about the NHL season, goings-on in the CFL, and Super Bowl 47!

Topics we discussed:

  • Thanks so much to everyone for listening & for your feedback! We love to hear from you!
  • Seminarian Michael sent us a note about Kelly Olynyk from Kamloops, BC. Olynyk has been tearing it up in NCAA basketball at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.
  • We discuss the start to the NHL season. Some surprises!
  • What did you think of Nail Yakupov’s goal celebration?
  • Fr. Travis is a definite Luongo fan.
  • CFL News: BC released some players, traded receiver Geroy Simon to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and QB Mike Reilly to the Edmonton Eskimos.
  • What should Ottawa’s new CFL team be called? Rough Riders (the old name) is apparently off the table.
  • Super Bowl 47: We’re looking forward to a shootout! Should be a great game.
  • Fr. Andrew snuck in the 2009 Grey Cup game (which Fr. Darryl maintains didn’t happen)
  • We give Fr. Geoff a hard time for not being on the show again. :) (He *is* doing important work though!)
  • Beyonc√© is doing the half time show. We think that’s better than Justin Bieber, who played at half time during the 2012 Grey Cup. But only marginally.

What are your picks to win the Super Bowl? Ours are:

  • Fr. Travis: 49ers
  • Fr. Andrew: 49ers
  • Fr. Darryl: 49ers
  • Fr. Geoff: Ravens
    Let us know your thoughts! Comment below, send an email to Twitter!

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