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The SportsFathers Episode #9 (Jan. 8, 2013): GAME ON!


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The SportsFathers Podcast

Rev. Darryl Millette


Description: We are priests and we like sports!

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The SportsFathers Episode #9 (Jan. 8, 2013): GAME ON!

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BREAKING NEWS from the NHL: After 113 long days, the lockout is now… over!

Join Frs. Andrew, Darryl, Travis, and Geoffrey in the discussion!

Topics we discussed:

  • The NHL season will likely be 48 games long, and teams will only play within their conference.
  • We talk about the Canadian NHL teams. We have a bit of a battle of Alberta going on: Fr. Andrew is a fan of the Oilers, while Frs. Travis, Geoff, and Darryl cheer for the Flames. (Go Flames!)
  • Don Fehr and Gary Bettman: Will they be around when the new CBA runs its course?
  • NHL and its fans: Canadian fans will probably come back eventually. TV deals in the USA may be a challenge with all these labour disruptions.
  • A possible olive branch to the fans is being thrown around: Make the NHL Centre Ice Package free this season for watching all the games.
  • Toronto has already lost a game (Winter Classic) and has been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. ;-)
  • Shout out to @Armdog (Colby Armstrong)
  • Montreal Canadiens – shout out to the many fans. Hopefully we don’t get too much hate mail from all of them…
  • The successes (or otherwise) of athletes named Todd
  • Football: The Vikings and the college bowl games
  • Alabama hung on for the win over Notre Dame
  • R.A. Dickey was introduced as a new pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.

What are your predictions for the coming NHL season? Comment below, send an email to Twitter!

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