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Episode 33 – The Irrepressible Grant Cardone


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S. Anthony Iannarino» In the Arena Podcast

S. Anthony Iannarino

Westerville, OH

Description: The Sales Blog

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Episode 33 – The Irrepressible Grant Cardone

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The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino

Grant and I had tried unsuccessfully to schedule this podcast for a long time. On the fourth try, we finally connected. Grant is an entrepreneur, and author, speaker. But in my view, he is most of all a hustler. I asked him to step into the arena because so many people I know in the B2B community could use a lot of what Grant teaches. I think they misunderstand some of the principles, and we get to that . . . eventually. Grant recorded video, and he was in his studio with his lovely wife, Elena. That’s the voice you here in the first part of this recording. It’s a wild ride, and you are going to be entertained. Let’s get into it!

Grant Cardone

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Episode 32 – Duct Tape Selling with John Jantsch

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It’s remarkable that John Jantsch and I had never been introduced to each other before now. Everyone knows John and his work helping small businesses at Duct Tape Marketing. Huffington Post calls him one of the top 100 people to follow on Twitter, and Forbes calls his site one of the top 100 fo...

Episode 31 – An EDGY Conversation with Dan Waldschmidt

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I've known Dan for a few years. He is in every way EDGY. Just listen to the story we tell about his first ultra-event and you'll see exactly what I mean. Dan just published his first book, EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success. Do go and buy the book. It's all about...

Episode 30 – On Mindset with Hector LaMarque

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I tell this story on the podcast, but here it is again. One day I received an email. It just had a phone number for me to dial. When I called the number, it was Hector LaMarque, National Sales Director for Primerica, speaking to his sales force. He read them part of some post I had written, and then...

Episode 29 – On Unlimited Sales Success with Brian Tracy

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When I had a chance to catch up with the legendary Brian Tracy, I was in England speaking to my friends at Travel Counsellors, and Brian just returned from a 13 country, 36-day world tour.

Brian Tracy is a force of nature. He pulled himself up from nothing through sales, and he’s built a speaki...

Episode 28 – On Turning Adversaries Into Allies with Bob Burg

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What can I say about Bob Burg that you don't already know from having read The Go Giver? I can tell you that I am happy to call him a friend and a mentor. I invited Bob back into the arena to share some ideas from his new book, Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercio...

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