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Episode 140 – Roddy Piper, Brent Musburger, and Alex Jones walk into a bar…


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The P.W.A. Show

The P.W.A. Show

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Episode 140 – Roddy Piper, Brent Musburger, and Alex Jones walk into a bar…

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This episode starts off with actual talk about Pinterest and the point of it all. This leads into Korey and Dave meeting some famous people.  The guys met Rowdy Roddy Piper, one of the most famous WWF Superstars of all time.  One of the #VerbalBullies actually got to have a conversation with Mr. Piper.

Dave got to sit down with

The guys discuss the most recent Art of Wrestling Podcast. New Jack stabbed a ‘wrestler’ 9 times at a show and got arrested for the incident. Korey watched it on Youtube and explains what he thought about the whole deal.

Korey got to meet Jeff, Dave’s Coworker that has been discussed on the show frequently. They watched the College Football Game and this leads into Brent Musburger’s comments one AJ McCarron’s girlfriend.  Brent Musburger was the commentator for the game and commented on how attractive Katherine Webb was during the game. This led to ESPN apologizing because people were ‘outraged’.  Dave and his coworker Jeff called ESPN to get answers.

Next up is Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones.  Alex Jones, an American talk radio host went on Piers Morgan’s show and it made for entertaining television.  The guys play a clip from that show and give their thoughts.

The show ends with discussion about an ongoing thing with the Show“??????

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