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Episode 136 – Wear Ear Protection!


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Episode 136 – Wear Ear Protection!

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The episode starts off with a recap of a conversation that didn’t get recorded because of a technical mishap. The guys talk about Korey’s ear problems, using ear protection, and loud loud concerts.

#KoreyFacts and #OldManKorey are new Twitter Hashtags that Dave wants the fans to start on twitter. A new sound board for Christmas results in headaches but a bright future. Dave does an update on their feud with The Show and Rob Bironas. The guys discuss a possible upcoming guest via Jack of Beards and Bullshit to end the first segment.

The Add/Drop Segment starts off with Dave going off on Korey for his lack of movie viewing experience. Dave still has a problem with Korey acting like he had seen certain movies and wants fans to start #KoreyisaLiar Hashtag on Twitter. After the air is cleared, the guys discuss the films: Christmas Vacation, Craigslist Joe, Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, and Jeff Who Lives At Home.

The show ends with an appearance by The P.W.A.’s very own psychic, Koradamus. He comes on the show to make some bold predictions about the year 2013. Death, Politics, Sports, and Big Changes are discussed.

Follow Koradamus on Twitter at @koradamus and be safe celebrating New Years!

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