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Episode 131 – Shakers and The Show


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Episode 131 – Shakers and The Show

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The episode starts off with Thanksgiving Thoughts. During Thanksgiving Korey and Dave learned about The Shakers. Who are the Shakers?  Well They called themselves the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, but because of their ecstatic dancing, the world called them Shakers. They were a religious group that didn’t believe in sex. So learn about the Shakers and why Korey is a fan. Also the guys talk about why Black Friday sucks.

The feud with the Show continues. Korey learned that JP likes to get a massage while getting his haircut, which adds ammo for The P.W.A. Show. More information on the Rob Bironas feud as well.

The Add/Drop Segment features the following movies:

    Seeking a Friend for The End Of The World
    Sound of my voice,
    Revenge of the Electric Car,
    Hell House
    Shut Up Little Man

Listen to the end for Wrestling Promos done by Korey and Dave against “The Show”.

The post The P.W.A. Show.

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