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Christmas In America 2012: The War Years, Part II


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The Public Square® - 60 Minute Program

David Zanotti

Cleveland, Ohio

Description: Behind the Scene Discussion of Public Policy Issues that Most Talk Radio Shows Won't Touch

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Christmas In America 2012: The War Years, Part II

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The Public Square
60 Minute Program
Hosts: David Zanotti and Wayne Shepherd
Producer: Alan C. Duncan

This week on The Public Square Long Format Program:

Join us this weekend for Part II of Christmas In America on The Public Square! Recorded live from Northeast Ohio this special program features beautiful Christmas music from David and Nicole C. Mullen, Johnnyswim, Four Wall Flight, and many others, along with special guest, Eric Metaxas, author of bestsellers, Amazing Grace, Bonhoeffer, and Socrates in the City.

Travel back to the 1940's as The Public Square takes you to Christmas In America: The War Years. As your baking cookies, wrapping presents, or searching the Internet, make sure to join the celebration. You won't want to miss this Christmas classic! Merry Christmas!

Guest: Eric Metaxas

Topic: Christmas In America


From: Cynthia Coppersmith – December 28,2012 at 10:31 pm

I think Christmas in America was as all of your programs are insightful meaningful Biblical and inspiring. Thank you all for your work and following the calling the Lord has placed on your hearts. May our Messiah bless you mightily as you continue to serve Him. Cindy

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