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TMV NFL Week 15 Review : Playoff Update


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Bristol, CT

Description: The Madden Voice hosts in-depth NFL talk each week in discussion/debate format. The Madden Voice is hosted by Commish T and his co-hosts Dr. Train and Madden video game champion KStarr. @TheMaddenVoice

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TMV NFL Week 15 Review : Playoff Update

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For the first time ever, the brothers, Commish T and JB host The Madden Voice while KStarr and Dr Train handle family business. Should be very entertaining show - Big win for the 'Boys.........latest on D. Murray?? - Bears lose again, Cutler? Now time to blow it up? - Manziel's performance, what are your takeaways? - Peterson appeal denied: Vincent audio tape - Clowney out for the year, draft bust? - Geno Smith says he has "pro bowl flashes" - AFC playoff update - NFC playoff update

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TMV Week 15 NFL in Review: Cowboys Eagles Rematch

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Bell or Murray who's having the better season


Can the Cowboys beat the Eagles on the road

Can we just conclude the NFL final 4 will be the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks and Packers?

Rams coin flip statement

It's time for Johnny Football, but did it come 1 week too late

Can Newton accidentlatest


TMV NFL Week 13 in Review: Thanksgiving review: Playoff Update

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Cowboys, Bears and Steelers all lose.

Cardinals lose, hear come the Seahawks.

Packers and Patriots, Rodgers the best?

Rams players, what's the problem?

Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and more...

TMV NFL Week 12 Review: Thanksgiving Preview

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Who are the elite in the NFL?

Are the Saints done?

The Patriots a shoe in for #1 seed?

Philly or Dallas?  Seattle or San Fran?

Special segments and more...



TMV NFL Week 11 in Review: Adrian Peterson suspended for rest of the season

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Goodell suspends Peterson for the year...justified?

NFL update on Bears and Steelers as they both rebound

NFC East, can Sanchez lead the Eagles

Packers, Patriots, Cardinals, who's the best team in the NFL

Much more an special segments...

TMV NFL Week 10 in Review-Happy Veteran's Day

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The latest on the bears, is there any hope, changes?

Steelers crash and burn

Vick wins, should he have started all along

Cardinals and Eagles must ride with their backups, does it matter?

Much more, special segments on the special holiday, Veteran's Day!


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