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TMV Returns; Let's talk NFL season 2014


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Bristol, CT

Description: The Madden Voice hosts in-depth NFL talk each week in discussion/debate format. The Madden Voice is hosted by Commish T and his co-hosts Dr. Train and Madden video game champion KStarr. @TheMaddenVoice

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TMV Returns; Let's talk NFL season 2014

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The fellas return to talk football and preview the upcoming NFL season. Has pre-season told us anything. Who's hot and who's not. The Manziel hype...overblown? Seahawks, primed to repeat?  Broncos ready to compete? Much, much more including Cowboys, Steelers and Bears previews. Special segments by your hosts. Turn in and spread the word.

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The Madden Voice NFL Hall of Fame game show-1st show of the season

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Commish T and KStarr co-host the first episode of the 2014 NFL Season of The Madden Voice

2014 NFL Rule changes

KStarr rants on Emmanuel Sanders and his comments comparing quarterbacks Bg Ben and Peyton Manning

Superbowl Champion Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch holdout...agree or not...

TMV Post NFL Draft Show

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Hear. Commish T's surprising views on Michael as he raises an issue NO other talk show has discussed.

Johnny Football vs Vince Young while Josh Gordon May be suspended

Who had the best draft?

Train reviews the Chicago Bears

J.B. reviews the DallasCowboys...

TMV Special Edition: NFL Pre-draft Show

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Before we talk draft, let's talk Mayweather v. Maidana

What's the latest on Donald Stermling?

NFL draft preview, let's look at the top talent in the draft and discuss where they might end up...

Hosted by Dr. Train and J.B...

TMV Special Edition: NBA rules on Donald Sterling comments and reaction

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Banned from NBA activities for life, fined and urged to sell his team.  Donald Sterling the latest face of racism in this country faces a stiff penalty.  Just or not...

Freedom of speech in his own house?

Past events of racism?...

The Madden Voice 6th Anniversary Megashow-NFL Free Agency Begins!

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It started as a way to promote a Madden video game league.  It became the "Voice" of the Madden video game community becoming so visable that EA Sports Video game producers and designers joined the show.  When MLG took over national tournaments, it became a conduit of information...

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