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TMV NFL Superbowl Preview, Predictions and In Depth Analysis


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The Madden Voice

The Madden Voice

Bristol, CT

Description: The Madden Voice hosts in-depth NFL talk each week in discussion/debate format. The Madden Voice is hosted by Commish T and his co-hosts Dr. Train and Madden video game champion KStarr. @TheMaddenVoice

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TMV NFL Superbowl Preview, Predictions and In Depth Analysis

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The NFL Superbowl is a few days away. The Madden Voice will deeply analyze this game. Tom Brady makes his 6th Super Bowl appearance, how does winning and losing impact his legacy. Health updates on Earl Thomas and Ricyard Sherman Previous New England Patriots Coach Bill Belechik takes on previous Patriots Coach and Seattle Seahawks Coach and Superbowl winning Pete Carrol. Is Russell Wilson more then a game manager? Rob Gronkowski a factor or a decoy? Each host will make his prediction of who will win the Superbowl and why.  Join us for this special edition of The Madden Voice.

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TMV NFL Super Bowl 49 Preview: Coaching Update

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Our first preview of Super Bowl 49

Update on coaching news

Free agent signings

Peyton Manning Commish T finally over the reversal...

The Madden Voice continued-NFL Divisional Review

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The show....

Sorry for the confusion, had to delete the first show to create this one.

We're talking NFL, again...

TMV NFL Wild Card Review : Divisional Preview

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We'll talk about the passing of Stuart Scott and the one time I actually met the man.

Pass Intereference?

8-0 vs 8-0 what gives...

Would the Steelers have won with Bell?

Marvin Lewis, bring him back?

Luck vs Manning

Cam off to Seattle

Do the Ravens have the Pats number




TMV NFL Playoffs are here

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NFL playoff picks and preview

Will Bell play?

Suh suspended, was it the right call?

Rodgers calf, could this injury be costly?

Who's tige hottest team entering the playoffs? Steelers, Seahawks, Panthers or Cowboys?

JB will cohost LIVE with Commish T, KStarr and Dr. Train round out the crew...

TMV NFL Week 16 Review: Playoff Update: Cowboys-Steelers in Playoffs

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What are the chances of the Cowboys and Steelers meeting in the Super Bowl for a record 4th time?

Broncos in trouble?

3 Divisions decided by 3 games this weekend.Falcons and Panthers, who wins?

Playoffs, rants, segments and more entering the final week of the NFL...

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