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The Creative Soul of Fine Living Lancaster


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The Lancast

David Moulton and Keith Slesser

Lancaster, PA

Description: Weekly interviews with artists, professionals, and public figures making a difference in their community.

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The Creative Soul of Fine Living Lancaster

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For Editor Mark Pontz, having someone compliment his magazine is like having them say, “I like your kid.” It’s become quite a passion for him. Fine Living Lancaster is going into its 6th year, and has grown from what started as a 28 page publication to the 160 page quarterly magazine it is today. With full color advertisements, contests, interviews and articles, Fine Living Lancaster continues to grow in popularity and scope. They promote music, art, food, and pretty much anything else that might be of interest here in the Lancaster County area…do I feel a Lancast feature coming on?

The goal of the magazine is to “make people aware of the cool stuff that happens here.” While their primary focus is to edify and educate, Mark says he’s not afraid to push boundaries. Along with his wife, Marian, Mark has quite a team of people who work with him to make it all happen every quarter.

Fine Living Lancaster is distributed in local grocery stores for purchase and can be acquired for free by patrons of partnering local businesses such as Additional links that Mark mentioned in the show are:



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